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Buttock Facial treatment

Our Buttock Facial treatment is offered in Montreal and Laval by industry experts, with friendly service, medical quality standards and the most effective technology.

Elevate Your Skincare: The Ultimate Guide to Butt Facials

In an era where skincare extends beyond the face, the Butt Facial emerges as a groundbreaking treatment. Far from mere luxury, it’s essential for anyone aspiring to amplify the allure of their derrière. Through personalized esthetician consultations at New Age Spa, each session is custom-fitted to your skin’s requirements, guiding you to a smoother, blemish-free backside.



What Is a Butt Facial?

This treatment is a celebration of your buttocks, blending antioxidant-rich botanicals and advanced cleansing methods for a skin transformation. Designed to combat acne, pigmentation, and texture issues, it leaves your skin soft, radiant, and revitalized.

The Process: A Tailored Skincare Journey

Your transformation starts with a detailed consultation to pinpoint your skin’s needs. Tailored with plant-powered, antimicrobial elements, the treatment aims for smooth, vibrant skin through acne-reducing peels, exfoliation, and professional hydration, diminishing hyperpigmentation and bolstering your skin’s glow.

Who Should Consider a Butt Facial?

This treatment is a boon for those dealing with dull, blemished, or uneven buttock skin, suitable for all genders. Addressing concerns like acne and cellulite, it’s a stride toward embracing a more confident, appealing look.



Understanding Blemishes on Your Butt

Butt blemishes, often due to clogged pores from tight clothing or friction, alongside dead skin, sweat, and bacteria, lead to inflammation and hyperpigmentation. A butt facial not only tackles these issues but also wards off future occurrences.

Why Choose New Age Spa for Your Butt Facial?

New Age Spa stands out with its unwavering dedication to honesty, quality, and effective treatments. Our experts are committed to uplifting your skincare regimen, prioritizing safety and the latest rejuvenation methods.

Best Practices and Techniques for Unmatched Results

Proud of our stringent hygiene standards and comprehensive treatment options, we aim to personalize your visit. Our welcoming staff walks you through each step, ensuring a tailored and enriching skincare journey.

Common Questions Answered

What’s Included in the Treatment? Each session comprises a skin consultation, double cleansing, steam, exfoliation, and bespoke treatments targeting your specific concerns, culminating in the application of toner, serums, moisturizer, and sunscreen to protect and nourish your skin.

Duration, Downtime, and Cost Sessions last approximately an hour with no downtime, starting at $145 + taxes. For sustained results, monthly visits are advised to tackle particular skin issues and foster skin renewal.

Expectations and Results Post-treatment, you’ll witness a noticeable enhancement in skin texture and look. Our premium skincare products and firming massage encourage collagen production and circulation, keeping your skin plump, smooth, and luminous.


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In Conclusion

More than a fleeting fad, the Butt Facial is a holistic skincare regimen aimed at elevating your natural charm and self-assurance. At New Age Spa, our mission is to deliver an unmatched skincare experience, tailored to your individual needs for a revitalizing outcome. Eager to transform your skincare practice? Book your appointment today and explore the remarkable benefits of butt facials.