Beauty clinics

In Montreal and Laval


Please note that our beauty clinics in Montreal and Laval are leading the industry in terms of hygiene and disinfection practices.


Made in Canada

Super gentle cleanser

Aloe vera cleanser

Anti-Redness daily cream

Soothes sensitive skin

Niacinamide Serum

Brightening Vitamin B3

Age-reverse Cream

Rejuvenating daily cream

Vitamin C serum

Antioxidant serum

Kaolin Clay Mask

Pore minimizing mask


Our beauty clinics in Montreal and Laval elevate esthetics standards by focusing  on performance and personalized experiences.

The ability to stay ahead of trends and techniques allows us to produce the best visible results for our clients. Our team of beauty experts approach each client and treatment with the utmost care.

Our industry leading esthetics programs are immersive and place students in real-life client to esthetician scenarios. Ensuring your success and allowing you to learn from both theory and practise on live models

Your experience is an essential core value in our spa. Our clinics elevate standards of hygiene, safety and customer service.

Esthetics course

happy customers


Laser hair removal


Cleansing facials

Skin Peels


Free evaluation

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