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Esthetics courses

Skincare course

Become a Skin therapist with our highly rated online or in-class training. This course gives you an Accredited Skincare Certificate in Canada. In Module 1, you will learn how to provide personalized facials and treatments that target different skin conditions. You will also be well versed in client communication, consultations and cosmetic retailing. Enroll now and start your career in as little as 30 days.

Esthetician course

Become an Esthetician with our accredited online and in-class training. This course gives you a recognized Esthetics Diploma in Canada. In Module 1 and 2, you will learn how to perform all Personal care services, Including advanced facials, body treatments, makeup, hair removal and more. Enroll now and Start your Esthetics Career or Esthetician business in as little as 60 days.

Medical esthetician course

Become a Medical Esthetician with our exclusive online and in-class medical esthetics program package. This course gives you a fully licensed Esthetician Diploma plus an advanced Photo-epilation (laser and IPL) Certificate. Including Module 1, 2 and 3, you will learn how to perform Medico-esthetics care services, including facials, advanced personal care services, and how to manipulate several Laser and IPL hair removal technologies. Enroll now and Start your Medical Esthetician career in as little as 90 days.

Photo epilation (laser) course

The Photo-epilation course gives already licensed estheticians an Advanced Esthetics certificate in several laser treatments. In this specialization course, you will learn how to perform highly demanded Photo-epilation treatments with a safe and professional experience for your clients. Enroll now and start your laser career or Laser spa business.

Microneedling Course

The Micro-needling program gives skin therapists or estheticians a specialized certificate in non-medical mesotherapy. In this advanced esthetics course, you will learn how to provide highly requested skin corrective treatments to treat difficult conditions like scars and skin texture on deeper skin levels. Enroll now and start your micro-needling business and services.

Hydradermabrasion course

The Dermabrasion program gives skin therapists or Estheticians an advanced Esthetics certificate in hydraDermabrasion procedures. You will learn how to manipulate dermabrasion equipment and perform advanced multistep facials and abrasive skin treatments in high safety and professional standards. Learn from home (online courses) and start offering popular dermabrasion solutions.

Dermaplaning course

The Dermaplaning course program gives skin therapists or esthetics graduates an Advanced certificate in Dermaplaning. You will learn how to perform this medical-grade exfoliating treatment with practical hand movements and a safe blade handling protocol. Learn Dermaplaning and Start your beauty business.

Chemical peel course

The Chemical peel program gives licensed estheticians an Advanced Esthetics Certificate in Chemical peeling. You will learn how to use different acids to target specific skin conditions. Learn from home and start your chemical peel business.

Micropigmentation course

Micropigmentation (SMP) training provides you with in-depth knowledge and practical skill in the world of Hair Follicle replication. Become a scalp-micro pigmentation technician to create the safest and most effective hair replacement treatment available on the market today. Help your clients eliminate the look of hair loss and baldness with instant results. Our program is a unique, practice-oriented course that familiarizes you with micro pigmentation and hair loss restoration techniques for men and women.

Unique learning experience

Our Aesthetics programs in Canada go beyond the fundamentals and add value to your learning experience. For instance, we provide as much practice as possible while covering in-depth topics such as client communication, business development and even marketing strategies.

Flexible course registration

Our leading esthetician courses allow you to start learning immediately with an upgraded online learning platform. Covid-19 adapted, in-class modules are full of practice and real-world experiences with strict safety measures.  

Accredited certifications

A key component of success and business growth is professional credibility. The Esthetics school you choose must provide you with an accredited certification. This will increase your chances of getting liability insurance for your practice or work permits.

common questions

Our Esthetician schools in Montreal offer high level and exclusive professional development courses. We train already licensed estheticians through advanced course and total beginners with introductory courses . Our program list includes skincare courses, facial courses, waxing courses, makeup courses, Esthetics diploma courses, Laser courses and more.

Esthetics is a highly paying and in-demand field. Esthetician treatments can also be considered essential services. That’s because you will be dealing with people’s health and beauty, which is a never ending need. Joining the esthetics industry will ensure you find work and enhances your rate of success in your career.

The length of your training will depend on which esthetics program you choose. Some courses, which are reserved for already licensed estheticians, may take 2 days, while other certification programs such as the esthetics diploma can take 3-6 months.

Our Esthetics school has developed an online learning platform to improve students learning and theory retention. You can enroll in our online and in-class courses at any time. The programs start with online learning, and that is completed, you will be registered to come in class and finalize your hands-on learning portion. In-class courses are guided and supervised by professional trainers while you practice in real-life esthetician and client procedures.

Before registering for any of our esthetician programs, we recommend speaking with an academic advisor. They can guide you through the right course path and inform you of any available promotions.

Our esthetics school is among the best private learning establishments in Quebec. We offer highly rated esthetician courses that elevate standards of hygiene and quality. Your certification is primarily accredited in Quebec. However, they are recognized and accepted in Canada, the U.S, Europe, and worldwide. In addition, beauty suppliers and insurance companies will recognize your certification.

The course prices will vary depending on which program you choose and how many courses you take. Click on the course pages above to learn about costs. We usually offer a 10% to 15% discount for returning students.

Choosing the right school is very important  for your learning success. If you do not presently have an Esthetics Diploma, we recommend getting that first. If you anticipate working with laser technologies or want to provide laser hair removal services in the future, we recommend the Medical esthetician program. All other programs are reserved for already licensed estheticians.

We have locations in Montreal and Laval. Although, you can do some courses online, most in-class training classes are given in the Montreal location on 2663 rue Allard, Montreal, Qc, H4E 2L7.

During our treatments, we use the best brands of skincare on the market. We have chosen to use exclusive professional-grade products from Dermalogica and G.M COLLIN and Lafolie. During your training programs, special guests and brand ambassadors will join your class and discuss cosmetic sales and brand options to start your skincare business.

The New Age Spa academies go beyond the spectrum of skin services. We are leaders in aesthetics education as well. Our partners have over 25 years of experience in the esthetician education industry. We have successfully helped students establish themselves as professional estheticians in Canada. Our courses are advanced, detailed and practice focused. After graduation,  Students receive an accredited certification.

For the Esthetics Diploma or the Medical Esthetics program, there are no prerequisites needed. However, for any other specialization or esthetician course, such as microneedling, laser, dermaplaning etc., you may need to have an esthetics diploma prior to registration.

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