Esthetician courses in Montreal and Laval

All of our esthetics courses come with an accredited certificate document or Diploma, ensuring you receive the best chances in your future career.

Esthetician courses that deliver real-world student experiences and recognized certificates.

Backed by 20 years of training experience, our aestheticial school provide students with facials or skincare courses, aesthetic laser courses, waxing and makeup training, medical-grade safety and hygiene practices and spa business management.

Skincare course

Become a skin therapist with our highly rated online and in-class skincare course. Our full-time and part-time esthetician school offers skincare courses in Montreal and Laval. Upon completion of this training, you can offer facial treatments, consultations, fundamental skin analyses, and professionally sell cosmetic products.

Basic esthetics course

Start your career as a certified esthetician while studying at your own pace and gain knowledge about planning, running, and designing an esthetics spa. Our online and in-class esthetician course equips you with a diploma in esthetics allowing you to perform more advanced facials, body treatments, makeup and temporary hair removal.

Advanced esthetics course

Earn an accredited Esthetician Diploma and a Cosmetic Laser Certificate with our online and in-class advanced esthetics program. You will learn dermabrasion, chemical peels and laser treatments, in addition to your basic esthetician course plan. Acquire high level skills that you can bring with you to a medical setting and work in dermal clinics or spas.

Medical esthetics course

Become a Medical esthetician and adapt your esthetics learning to a more medical environment. With our online and in-class medical esthetician course bundle, earn an accredited esthetics diploma and specialization certificates in laser hair removal, laser skin rejuvenation, and microneedling. Work alongside estheticians, doctors and nurses to provide medical-grade skincare and laser procedures.

Laser hair removal course

The laser hair removal course is an advanced esthetics certification reserved for already licensed estheticians (or module 2). Covering several laser procedures and technologies, our online and in-class training teaches you how to handle class 4 medical laser devices for permanent hair removal and more.

Laser skin rejuvenation course

The laser photo-rejuvenation course is an Advanced Esthetics certification covering several skin treatments. Our online and in-class laser formation provides students with a deep understanding of light technology used in class 4 medical laser devices and how to apply them in highly demanded cosmetic treatments.

Microneedling Course

The microneedling course is for estheticians that want to advance their knowledge in non-medical mesotherapy procedures. This online learning and in-class practical certificate program allows you to perform corrective skin treatments that target conditions like scars, hyperpigmentation and skin texture.

Microdermabrasion course

Microdermabrasion training teaches students procedural techniques and safety protocols for microdermabrasion skin treatments. Trough e-learning and hands-on practice, you will learn medical-grade hygiene standards and how to function microdermabrasion machine devices and accessories that produce the best skin improvement results in the aesthetics industry and your clients.

Hydradermabrasion course

Hydradermabrasion training is developed to introduce estheticians to the newest versions of water-based microdermabrasion. Trough online learning and in-person practical training, you will learn medical-grade safety protocols, and procedural techniques that will help you stand out in the beauty industry and offer the best dermabrasion solutions to your clients.

Chemical peel course

The chemical peel course teaches estheticians about more advanced chemical exfoliation, alpha and beta hydroxy acids, ph levels, basic chemistry and cosmetic ingredients used towards anti-aging and corrective skin treatments. Learn how to incorporate them into your business's personal care services menu.

Dermaplaning course

The dermaplaning course teaches licensed estheticians advanced safety protocols and procedural techniques in regard to deep exfoliation using sterile and disposable scalpel blades. You will learn how to refinish the skin’s top layers through a method of controlled surgical scraping that exfoliates the epidermis with instant results.

Unique learning experience

New Age aesthetic schools in Canada go beyond the standard esthetician curriculum and add more value to your learning experience. Get exclusive access to one-on-one coaching with over a dozen client models for practice in small-sized private groups with high-end, modern technology.

Flexible course registration

Our online courses and practical internship training approach helps you retain knowledge better and reduce the risk of covid-19 while learning advanced procedural techniques, client communication, business development and modernized esthetician marketing strategies.

Accredited certification

Our long-established academic director provides graduates with an accredited certificate document in Quebec, Canada. You get to work internationally in prestigious esthetics spas or medical clinics, acquire esthetician liability insurance, access beauty suppliers and even purchase cosmetic laser devices.

common questions

New Age Esthetician school in Montreal or Laval offers you high-level and exclusive professional development classes. Designed according to Quebec requirements by teachers with over 20 years of experience in esthetics education, these learning programs are for already licensed estheticians and total beginners alike. Our lesson plans include skincare and facial training, waxing, makeup, and more advanced procedures to obtain an Esthetics diploma or add specialized aesthetic certificates.

Esthetics is a high-paying and in-demand profession. Personal care treatments are considered essential services, enhancing people’s mental and dermal health, a need that will never cease to exist. Joining the esthetics industry will increase your chances of finding a job, making more money and experiencing success.

The length of your training will depend on which beauty program you choose. For example, some courses are for licensed estheticians that want to perfect their techniques and may take a week or two to complete. In addition, some certification programs that enable you to become an esthetician, such as the advanced esthetics program, require several months of study and practice to graduate.

New Age Spa’s esthetician training department has adopted a new online learning system to encourage public health (covid) safety measures and improve student theory retention. The programs start with the online learning modules. Therefore, we offer flexible registration dates, which means that you can register at any time and immediately begin your course. Once the online exams are passed, you may participate in our trainer-guided private coaching groups for in-person exercise and internship in Montreal or Laval.

You can enroll in our academic programs online, by email or phone or in person. However, before registering for any esthetician course, you should communicate with our academy. Our service team can guide you towards a suitable study plan and inform you of any current promotions.

Upon passing your online exams and in-person internship training, you will receive an accredited certificate document or diploma representing your qualifications. Our private school trade certification is primarily recognized in Quebec, Canada, and is reputed worldwide. As a result, you may get all the benefits of an esthetician when looking for work, buying liability insurance (optional), or purchasing esthetics spa supplies.

Tuition fees vary by course. It also depends on which program and course add-ons you select. If you don’t have prior certification, you may be required to start with the basic esthetics program, then add specialization training. View the course list and description at the top of this page, and select it to learn more. As a loyalty bonus, 10% to 15% discounts are available for returning students.

Having a learning strategy is excellent for your success. If you want to provide essential esthetician services, you should choose the basic esthetics program. We recommend the advanced esthetics program if you anticipate working with cosmetic laser devices for hair removal or skin rejuvenation. Our private school in Montreal or Laval can give you in-depth information about courses, study plans, and private school vs. public school curriculums.

Your study program will take you on a self-development journey that combines virtual learning and classroom experiences. Thanks to our online learning platform, you can start your program at your own pace and from any location. Then, when you become ready to practice treatments on clients (live models), you will train in one of our highly rated educational facilities in Montreal or Laval.

Our medical esthetic teachers train you with dermatologist-recommended skincare products and techniques. We have chosen to use scientifically-proven strength formulations by Dermalogica and Gm Collin to address the most prevalent skin conditions, including skin ageing, sun damage and pre/post-medical aesthetic procedures. In addition, brand ambassadors from our partner companies may join your classes and discuss cosmetic sales and startup packages to launch your skincare business.

New Age Spa goes beyond the spectrum of essential skincare services. We are leaders in the aesthetics field with over 25 years of combined experience in esthetician education. In conjunction with advanced procedures, our courses also teach business marketing, emotional intelligence and sales. Most of our graduates have been established as professional estheticians in Canada by standing out from the competition.

To participate in the introductory esthetics course to become an esthetician, you will need a high school diploma or equivalence. To access more advanced training such as laser hair removal, micro-needling, dermaplaning, or others, you may need to have an esthetics diploma before registration.

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