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Beauty clinics and Academy

The Professional edge

High standards

Our beauty clinics in Montreal and Laval elevate standards in the beauty industry by focusing on you, the client. We prioritize esthetician performance and personalized care. The ability to stay ahead of techniques has also allowed us to show the best results and client outcomes regarding skincare, hair loss and hair removal. Our team of medical estheticians approach each client and treatment with mastery of confidence and skill.

education background

Our industry-leading esthetics programs are immersive and place students in real-life client to esthetician scenarios. Ensuring your success and allowing you to learn from both theories and practise on as many live models (people) as possible. We understand that the path to a successful career not only relies on learning personal care techniques but also business development and independence.

Professional Experience

The client’s experience is at the core of our values. Our clinics elevate standards of hygiene, safety and customer service. We are dedicated to providing honest advice, friendly service and convenient pricing. When you interact with one of our estheticians, you are sure to be in the presence of someone who really cares about your well-being.

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