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Medical spas in Montreal and Laval

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170$ | 60 minutes

Micro-needling is a deep-reaching skin rejuvenating treatment. Using an electric micro-needle device, this medical esthetician facial restores skin collagen and fixes uneven skin texture caused by lines, wrinkles, acne scars, and large pores.

60$ – 450$ | session

Laser hair removal permanently reduces hair in any part of the body. Equipped with the latest technology and experienced estheticians, our laser clinics in Montreal can permanently remove your hair in as little as 4 appointments (4 to 8 sessions may be needed).

150$ | 60 minutes

Hydra dermabrasion is a water-based form of microdermabrasion. Deeply hydrating, this skin treatment uses powerful antioxidants to exfoliate, hydrate and protect your skin against dry skin symptoms and dullness.

100$ | 50 minutes

Deep cleansing facials with facial extractions are the best option when dealing with blackheads, pimples, and clogged pores. Offer your skin a clean start and allow it to breathe for a fresh and healthy feel.

120$ | 45 minutes

Chemical peels or Pro peels clear build-up and dead cells from the skin surface using special acid forms. Our professional esthetician procedure can treat anything from ageing skin, acne, rough skin texture without downtime.

150$ | 60 minutes

Carbon Peel or Hollywood peel facial is a notorious pore reducing treatment that works wonders on acne-prone skin or oily skin. We can effectively reduce breakouts, skin shine and normalize sebum levels. 

100$ | 60 minutes

Dermaplaning is a deep exfoliation skin treatment that produces instant and dramatic before and after results. Our medical-grade procedure allows for perfectly smooth skin, flawless makeup applications and long-lasting glowing skin.

150$ | 60 minutes

Photofacials skin rejuvenation treatments are proven to reverse signs of ageing and uneven skin tone. An intense pulsed light is flashed against the treated skin on the face or body area to break down unsightly pigmentation, tighten loose skin or dissolve broken vessels using controlled heat from an IPL or Laser source.

100$ | 60 minutes

HydroGel Facial is a repairing, hydrating and calming treatment. A Casmara or Hydro Jelly mask will be added to multi-step facial and target specific conditions such as dry skin and sensitive skin. 

200$ | 60 minutes

Back treatments are similar to facial treatments, but it is done on the back. Depending on the skin condition, we may use peels or hydradermabrasion techniques to deeply cleanse the skin and remove skin imperfections, making it appear soft and supple.

600$ | session

Temporarily unavailable

Scalp micro-pigmentation the safest and effective hair replacement solution. It provides instant results to get rid of the appearance of hair loss without pain or surgery.  Our micro-pigmentation clinics focus or natural effect hairlines and results.

100$ | 60 minutes

Temporarily unavailable

Skin lightening is a hyperpigmentation treatment used to whiten the skin on various body areas, including intimate lightening of the private parts. Our skin whitening products do not contain hydroquinone.

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