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Different Stages of Facial Aging

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The Different Stages of Aging in the Face Maintaining confidence as we face the world becomes a priority for many individuals. Over time, changes in facial skin become noticeable, characterized by thinning skin, loss of volume in the cheeks, and the emergence of under-eye bags. Understanding the phases of aging in the face can empower […]

Factors That Affect Laser Hair Removal Results

Laser hair removal is a sought-after procedure for its effectiveness in removing unwanted hair. However, several factors can influence the outcome of the treatment. It’s essential to work with a certified and qualified esthetician to ensure the best results and minimize the risk of skin damage. Here are some key factors to consider: Skin Tone […]

Collagen Eye Contour Treatment

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rejuvenate your eye area The eyes are often the first area to show signs of aging and fatigue. Collagen eye treatments at New Age Spa, available in Montreal and Laval, are designed to refresh and rejuvenate your eye area, reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and puffiness. Discover how our targeted treatments can help […]

Soothing HydroJelly™ Mask Treatment

Hydrojelly Masks at New Age Spa At New Age Spa in Montreal and Laval, we enhance the facial experience with Hydrojelly Masks, offering a luxurious and effective addition to your skincare regimen. What are Hydrojelly Masks? Hydrojelly Masks are packed with fresh ingredients and held in a hydrating carrageenan base. These innovative masks provide a […]

Blood circulation and the effects on the skin


good circulation for the skin Good blood circulation is crucial for maintaining healthy, vibrant skin. It not only nourishes skin cells but also carries away waste products, which is essential for a clear, glowing complexion. At New Age Spa, serving Montreal and Laval, we offer specialized treatments designed to boost blood circulation, enhancing your skin’s […]


Pre and Post Treatment care guidelines for optimal results and satisfaction REQUEST INFORMATION 1-888-808-0955 General Facials Before Your Facial: Preparation Guidelines Medications & Topical Products:– Accutane: Discontinue use 6 months prior to your facial.– Prescription Drugs: Inform your esthetician about any you’re taking.– Topical Sensitivities: Avoid products that may sensitize your skin (retinoids, acids, exfoliants, […]

Men’s Facial Treatment in Montreal and Laval

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Elevate your skincare routine with our Men’s Facial Treatment at New Age Spa Clinic in Montreal, specifically designed to cater to the unique skincare needs of men. Our Men’s Facial service provides a transformative experience that not only enhances appearance but also boosts confidence.     Why Choose a Men’s Facial? Tailored to Men’s Skin: […]

How often should i get a facial

How Often Should I Get A Facial? Unveiling The Path to Radiant Skin Introduction Navigating the world of skincare can sometimes feel like a journey through a vast and complex galaxy. Among the shining stars of skin treatments, facials emerge as a beacon of rejuvenation and beauty. Whether you’re a novice to the pampering realm […]

What is the process of cell renewal

Cell renewal is a fascinating and vital phenomenon for maintaining the health and radiance of our skin. This natural biological process plays a crucial role in the youthful appearance and vitality of the skin, constantly replacing dead or damaged cells with new ones. This article will explore in depth what cell renewal is, its importance […]