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How to get an esthetician job

ONLINE RESERVATION 1-888-808-0955 Ready to work Congratulations on completing your esthetics training program! You’re on the brink of a rewarding career as an esthetician. In this guide, we’ll provide you with essential tips and strategies to help you kickstart your career in Montreal’s thriving esthetics industry. the booking esthetics industry Montreal’s esthetics industry is flourishing, […]

How to become an esthetician

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Ultimate Guide to Becoming an Esthetician: Your Path to a Rewarding Career Find Your Passion in the Beauty Industry with Professional Training in Montreal and Laval Becoming an esthetician is not just about embarking on a career; it’s about embracing a calling to enhance beauty and confidence in others. This rewarding profession offers not only […]

How to start your own spa business guide

Starting an Aesthetic Spa Business in Canada: A Comprehensive Guide Embarking on the journey of opening your own spa, beauty spa, or medical aesthetics clinic in Quebec, Canada, involves meticulous planning and adherence to legal requirements. Here’s a streamlined step-by-step guide to help you navigate the process successfully: 1. Conduct Market Research Understand the Market: […]

What is a medical esthetician defined

The field of medical esthetics merges the realms of beauty and healthcare, offering transformative treatments that enhance both appearance and skin health. Here’s a closer look at the key terms and concepts related to this dynamic profession: Medical Aesthetics This specialty focuses on non-surgical cosmetic treatments that improve skin appearance, such as microneedling and laser […]

What is a brazilian bikini laser hair removal

Experience the Ultimate Confidence with Our Brazilian Bikini Laser Hair Removal – Book Your Appointment Today! Laser hair removal has become a cornerstone of aesthetic care in Canada, offering individuals the freedom of smooth, hair-free skin. Among the various treatments available, Brazilian Bikini Laser Hair Removal stands out for its comprehensive approach to achieving the […]

Medical Esthetician Salary

For individuals considering a career as a medical esthetician or those already in the field looking to optimize their earning potential and navigate the complexities of taxes, this guide provides a comprehensive overview. Medical Esthetician Salary Insights The earning potential for medical estheticians varies widely, influenced by factors like geographic location, experience level, the type […]

Laser hair removal for ethnic skin in Montreal

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Transformative Laser Hair Removal for Dark Skin in Montreal: A New Era at New Age Spa Ready to Embrace Smooth, Radiant Skin? Request Your Appointment Today! In the realm of beauty and wellness, everyone’s journey to achieving their ideal self should be met with innovative solutions and personalized care. At New Age Spa, we’ve listened […]

How to become a skin care specialist

The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Skincare Specialist In an age where the quest for healthy, radiant skin is more prevalent than ever, the role of a skincare specialist becomes indispensable. With the skincare industry booming, even amidst economic uncertainties like those experienced in 2020, the demand for professional skincare advice and treatments is projected […]

Course outlines

VIEW study plans COURSE OUTLINES MODULE 01 – SKINCARE INTRODUCTION TO SKINCAREWhy skincare? (1)Professional Guidelines (1)Client Communication (1)ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGYSkin anatomy (1)Blood Circulatory System (1)the lymphatic system (1)Nervous system (1)Musculoskeletal System (1)Facial muscle structure (1)Bone Structure (1)SKIN CONDITIONSSkin Disorders (1)Sensitive Conditions (1)Photo-damage (1)Aging Skin (1)Skin Pigmentation (1)Skin Health and Healing (1)ACNEAcne Introduction (1)Acne CausesAcne Diagnosis […]

How to become a medical esthetician

ONLINE RESERVATION 1-888-808-0955 What is a medical esthetician? We have learned about estheticians and their careers in previous articles. For example, our position on becoming an esthetician explains the reasons why and how to become one. But what about “medical” estheticians? booming industry Each year, Health and beauty therapists upgrade to what is known as […]