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How much do estheticians make

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The job market for estheticians is growing in Canada.

Women worldwide are looking for new career paths and are choosing the esthetics field due to its flexible work hours and the sense of personal fulfillment it can bring from gratifying work. Esthetics and skin therapists are considered to be well paid and receive above-average salaries. Revenue can also vary depending on work status. For example, estheticians who get paid an hourly wage are renumerated for vacations and break time. They also get paid when they get last-minute client cancellations and no-shows. On the other hand, independent contractors and business owners can expect commission pay or gross revenue. However, they lose the benefits of being paid regardless of customer sales. Both forms of compensation are great, with the pros and cons you will learn about in this article. Because of the quality experience that beauty salons and medical spas want for their clients, employers highly compensate estheticians to maintain adequate performance.

Estheticians make multiple income streams

Estheticians can be paid an hourly wage or be self-employed, but they can also generate income types. For instance, most beauty industry employers will work with cosmetic brands and makeup companies to retail products. Estheticians can make good money by selling products to their clients and generate a percentage-based commission off the sale. While income per unit sold is usually under 10$, that number can add up quickly if the client purchases multiple items. For example, a 10 percent commission on a 60-dollar product is 6 dollars. But if the client purchases three products worth 60 dollars each, then the esthetician just made 18 dollars in addition to their hourly wage, service fee and potential tip.

Estheticians can make good money

We have learned different types of compensation estheticians can receive and also how they can generate sales income. It is also worth noting that skin therapists and medical estheticians make good money by receiving clients’ tips. The service nature of personal care treatment creates a tipping etiquette among customers when they are happy, of course. Gratuities or Tips are an overlooked form of compensation. However, it can actually make a big difference on payday. An esthetician that is employed and receives hourly pay can easily double their wage simply by offering good service and generating service tips. As you can see, estheticians have many ways to make good money, and it all depends on performance, sales and quality of service.

How much do estheticians make?

So after learning the different forms of compensation and potential esthetician revenue streams, how much can a beauty therapist actually make? The answer to that depends on the region, the esthetician’s certifications, and the employer’s job market reference. In general, after becoming an esthetician, the entry-level salary is usually around 15$ to 25$ per hour. After a few years of experience, that number can double. Let’s look at the esthetician’s overall income by combining wages, sales commission and client tips to reflect reality. Before calculating an esthetician’s estimated income, we will discuss factors that affect the total revenue an esthetician can earn. On average, moderate performance can generate at least 4000$ worth of retail sales during a 30-day period. Also, estheticians can make more than 1000$ in tips per same 30 day period. All numbers given in this article are estimations only and sourced from our personal experiences. Now that we have a 30 day period estimation let’s make some realistic calculations. These numbers are calculated based on a full-time work schedule of an entry-level esthetician employed in a day spa.



Annual esthetician salary or income:

Wages: 15$ to 20$ per hour and 40 hours per week will generate between 2400$ to 3200$ per month.
Tips: Average tips per client are between 20$ and 35$ and will generate at least 1000$ to 1750$ per month
Commission: Moderate sales performance will provide estheticians with income that is around 400$ – 1200$ per month.
Based on this calculation, an average esthetician employed in a beauty salon can make anywhere from 3800$ per month to 6150$ per month, depending on performance, quality of service and sales skills. These calculations are limited to estheticians working in a beauty salon at an entry-level salary. Some estheticians are paid more than that. Also, esthetician’s that own their own business or beauty practice can make more money than the above calculation; however, they must factor in the risk of owning a business, costs of publicity and effort, overhead costs such as equipment, rent, products and much more. Depending on your objectives, working in a reputable spa may be the right choice. We hope that this article gives you insight into how much money you can as a medical esthetician. A successful career will depend on the quality training you get, how much passion you have for health and beauty and the marketing prowess you learn through courses and experience.

How to become an esthetician and make more money

If you are looking to make a lot of money working in the beauty industry, it is possible and there many ways to do so. Becoming a licensed esthetician is the first step you should take for a successful career. To become a certified esthetician or medical esthetician, you must complete training hours in an Aesthetics diploma course program recognized by international associations. If this sounds like what you are looking for, we highly recommend learning more about our beauty courses and our Esthetician course available in Montreal and Laval, Canada. The program we offer is highly rated because you will learn up-to-date and modern beauty techniques along with exclusive topics such as marketing, business development, spa ownership and customer relations. Our teachers understand that you must learn more than the simple basics to stand out and make money as an esthetician. We ensure that you do when registering to become an Esthetician in our Academy. To learn more about the Esthetics diploma, click here.