Spider veins

Like other visible skin conditions, spider veins appear as blemishes to the skin and cause many people to feel self-conscious and uncomfortable. Spider veins affect our patients at New Age Spa. Our team is backed by years of experience in the dermatological field and can help you safely and effectively treat the symptoms and visible signs of spider veins and other skin conditions.

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What are spider veins?

Have you noticed small, visible veins on your skin that appear darker than usual? Sometimes referred to as “thread veins”, spider veins are broken or damaged veins that commonly appear on the face and legs. Spider veins are harmless from a medical perspective, but many patients choose to treat them with facial and body care treatments for aesthetic reasons. 

Spider veins can appear blue, red, or purple and sometimes look like thin, web-like lines on the skin. For some patients, spider veins are contained to a small area, and for others, they may spread out like branches across a larger area of the face or body.

Both spider veins and varicose vein conditions are the results of damaged valves in the veins. However, the symptoms vary slightly as spider veins are usually thin, deeply coloured lines while varicose veins are larger and deeper. Varicose veins can cause more severe discomfort along with itchiness, bleeding, aches, and swelling.

The cause of spider veins varies from patient to patient. Typically, the spider veins in the face and legs are the result of the following:

Causes of spider veins in the legs: Spider veins become apparent on the legs when the one-way valves inside the veins are not working correctly. If these valves are damaged, blood can pool inside the veins, causing them to bulge and making them visible through the skin.

Causes of spider veins in the face: Visible blood vessels in the face are often the result of broken or damaged veins. Blood vessels in the face can “burst” due to impact, pressure, ageing, or prolonged sun damage.

Other common factors that pose a risk for developing spider veins include:

  • Genetics
  • Blood pressure
  • Pregnancy 
  • Excess body fat
  • Hormones
  • Damaged blood vessels and veins
  • Sun Damage

Are you tired of piling on the foundation and wearing long pants to hide spider veins? If visibly damaged veins are causing you to cover up, there is a range of effective treatments to drastically reduce the appearance of spider veins. At New Age Spa, our team of skincare specialists and medical dermatology experts offer a range of facial and body care treatments to help with spider veins and other common skin concerns. 

  • Laser spider vein treatment
  • IPL photo-rejuvenation
  • Gentle pro max laser treatments

Laser treatments for spider veins in Montreal

Laser Skin Treatment therapies can also significantly reduce the appearance of spider veins for many patients. At New Age Spa, we offer a selection of laser skin treatment procedures to help smooth the skin and diminish the appearance of veins and blemishes. To treat visible spider veins, your dermatological MD at New Age Spa will use laser technology to heat the blood vessels, closing the valve and minimizing the appearance of the vein. Laser treatments for skin conditions are performed in-office. All facial and body care treatments offered at New Age medical spa and clinic are safe and performed by our trained and experienced medical staff.

Spider vein specialists

At New Age Spa medical spa clinic in Montreal and Laval, we offer a free consultation appointment. At your first visit to the clinic, you’ll gain a more in-depth understanding of your skin type and unique skin condition(s). We will also use this analysis to recommend the best course of treatment. Our goal is to help you achieve beautiful, smooth, healthy-looking skin that feels great. To learn more about our facial and body care treatments at New Age Spa, contact our team today to schedule your complimentary consultation visit.

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