Laser hair removal for dark skin in Montreal

We often hear from our clients with darker skin tones that they are unsure if laser hair removal is right for them.

For years now, laser hair removal was not recommended for people with darker skin tones. This is because, at the time, the laser technologies available on the market would have challenges differentiating between the melanin of the hair and the melanin of the skin surrounding it, leaving varied results in hair removal depending on the contrast between the skin and hair tone.

These days, however, with recent advances in laser technology, New Age Spa has been able to start offering safe and effective laser hair removal for all skin tones. Now, we use the nD: YAG, leading technology in medical esthetics and hair removal.

New Age Spa  offers hair removal for dark skin tones in Montreal


At our spa, we make sure to offer our beauty services tailor-made to our customers’ unique situations. This means we consider: their skin tone, skin type, skin conditions, allergies, lifestyle, and much more when offering any treatment or service.

Our clients with darker skin tones often tell us about or show us, skin conditions that tend to be more common in dark skin than light skin. Acne, pigmentation, and scarring, for example, are more common in darker skin. Even skin structure can differ between people with different shades. Our skincare experts at New Age Spa are able to diagnose and treat different skin types, tones, and conditions, making sure the services we offer are the best fit for the skin you’re in.


Besides the professional expertise our aestheticians offer our clients with darker skin tones, we also work with some of the most advanced laser equipment currently available. This is how we are able to treat all of our clients, regardless of skin tone, safely and effectively, while also targeting their specific needs.


Additionally, by using the Nd: YAG laser device, when ever post-treatment residual marks like acne scars or razor bumps occur, we are able to effectively treat them.

Nd: YAG- laser hair removal for dark skin in Montreal


The Nd: YAG is very effective at permanently reducing hair in darker and tanned skin. It is also comfortable, quick and powerful. Using this laser device in our treatments at New Age Spa helps to boost the overall skin tone by picking up darker colours and destroying any flecks of excess pigment in the skin that looks like blotches.

Additionally, the heat that is pulsed from the ND YAG is excellent for acne and rosacea. When applying this type of laser, porphyrin production is stimulated within the skin to kill bacteria associated with acne. And it helps with rosacea because both these skin conditions are located at the same depth of the skin. It even helps sebaceous glands to temporarily shrink and collagen production to increase.

ND YAG laser targets the growing cells and blood supply that feeds growing hair. The melanin in the hair absorbs enough energy that the heat also destroys the cells around it. There are multiple machines for hair removal but this one works wonders on light brown to dark hairs.


Choosing New Age Spa’s skincare experts for your next laser hair removal


While this form of epilation is now safer than ever, it is also more: effective, comfortable, and available to all skin types than ever before. Still, it is important to choose a salon and technician you can trust. Laser hair removal is a skilled trade that requires the expertise and professionalism of a certified laser technician. Choosing a technician who is less than professional can leave you with poor results or, worse, negative side effects. That is why New Age Spa ensures our laser devices are among the best on the market, and that our staff is trained well to provide laser hair removal treatments that specifically match our client’s needs – from skin type and conditions to skin tone.

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