Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal in our Montreal and Laval laser clinics will permanently remove unwanted hair on the face and the body. Laser hair removal treatments can improve your quality of life and ease your daily routine because you won’t need to worry about shaving, plucking, waxing, or using hair removal creams anymore. 


Our team of experts provide you with incredible results in only a few appointments thanks to top of the line technology and years of client experience. The Skintel® Melanin Reader is a revolutionary device that determines the average melanin quantity in your skin before each laser hair removal procedure. This sensor technology registers the exact settings required for your laser treatment and reduces risks of side-effects, pain, and errors.

Fast result in fewer sessions

Skintel® melanin reader

Error-free and risk-free

Remove ingrown hair

Reduce hyperpigmentation

Get softer feeling skin

Free yourself from shaving

No more painful waxing

Laser clinic near you

Laser prices

More prices available upon request*

Full face 100

Full Legs 230

Full arm 150

Full bikini 120

Full back (men) 300

Upper body (men) 400

Full body (women) 450


lower legs 120

upper legs 150

Bikini lines 100

Forearms 120

underarms 60

Cheeks 60

Lips 60

Chin 60


Full face + underarms 130

Full bikini + underarms 150

Full legs + underarms 250

Full legs + full bikini 270

Full arms + underarms 180

Half legs + full bikini 210

Half legs + underarms 150

Legs + Bikini + underarms 300


Laser hair removal technology is designed to heat up hair follicles structures to damage its growth cycle and destroy the roots. Laser’s unique feature is that it’s attracted to the melanin or pigment, precisely targeting the skin’s hair without damaging surrounding tissue. This technology makes for better and faster results. Each laser session, your hair will get weaker and eventually stop growing.

Featuring the largest spot size and most uniform laser beam technology available today, the Vectus laser allows providers to quickly treat unwanted hair, even in the most prominent areas, such as the back, in less than five minutes.

Directly after your laser session, you may notice less hair on the skin. However, the real effect happens over the next few days. You will see Slower and thinner hair growth after each appointment. It is required to complete a session every 4 to 6 weeks. Clients that visit our laser hair removal clinics in Montreal and Laval report having 80% of hair reduction within four sessions only.

Avoid waxing or tweezing your hair for six weeks before your appointment. The hair growth cycle is an essential factor in laser hair removal results. Also, to ensure pain-free and effective laser treatments, you must come with hair under 1 mm long. In other words, we recommend you shave 24 in before your laser hair removal appointment. The shorter the hair is, the better. Also, before your laser treatment: avoid tanning or fake tanning, moisturizing oils, photo-sensitizing products, skin lightening treatments, avoid blood-thinning medication, and you must not be pregnant.

After laser hair removal, avoid sun tanning. You will also want to avoid harsh cosmetic products such as lotions and creams that contain alcohol. Laser treatment does not usually cause any side-effect. However, it may make your skin a little more sensitive. We generally recommend you apply an excellent daily moisturizer.

Most areas on the body are relatively painless; however, the bikini area might be more sensitive. When doing sensitive areas, we recommend you purchase a numbing cream during your first appointment. Our purchasable numbing cream should last you for all the remaining sessions and decrease pain levels by 40%.

Laser treatments in our Montreal, Laval and Ottawa beauty clinics are professional and timely experiences with added value. We ensure that you get the most out of your appointment. Most procedures are between 20 and 75 minutes and include a full consultation and skin analysis and recommendations.

Although we have some of the best technology on the laser market today, the nature of this treatment requires multiple session to target the hair in different growth cycles. As a results we recommend 4 to 8 sessions for complete and permanent hair removal with many clients that observe permanent results in 5 sessions (results may vary)

We cannot perform laser treatments on women that are pregnant, or if your skin color is above skin type 5, or if you have been tanning or waxing within the previous 2-week period.

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