Scalp micropigmentation aftercare

Scalp micropigmentation aftercare for you to know before and after your appointment.

Scalp micro pigmentation client guidelines


In general, you’ll want to treat your scalp as you would after a medical operation. You should avoid getting it wet and keep it clean. Do not expose your scalp to chlorinated pools, saunas, steam rooms, or tanning beds for 28 days after your treatments. This will ensure a long-lasting result and reduce any scalp micro-pigmentation side effects.

Day 0 to Day 5

For the first four days following treatment, you should avoid the following:

Sweating: Avoid any intense exercise that will cause you to sweat heavily for five days following treatment. Sweating could interrupt the healing process and reduce the pigmentation effects.

Shampooing and scrubbing: Rubbing the scalp with soap or scrub can irritate the scalp and affect healing. Also, shampooing could introduce harsh chemicals to the treated area. Instead, only use baby shampoo or gentle soaps.

Shaving: Avoid shaving the scalp while it’s healing. Also, we recommend opting for clippers after your procedure to avoid skin shaving the scalp.

Exposure to long-term sunlight: The sun can cause sunburn and sun damage, which could cause your scalp pigmentation results to fade over time or faster. When exposed to the sun, use sunscreen or hats to protect your scalp.

Touching your scalp: Avoid any touching of your skin after treatments. Your hands contain bacteria and may increase the risk of infection when touching healing skin.

After each appointment, make sure your diet is healthy and drink enough water. Also, apply ointment as recommended by your micro-pigmentation technician. 

General tips:

During the early phases after your sessions, you can lightly rinse the scalp with water only and pat dry with a soft towel to keep it clean. Do not soak the scalp. You may also wear a hat or skullcap and sleep any way that’s comfortable for you. 

Day 5 to Day 10

For days 5 to 10, your long-term results should start showing, and your scalp will be healed. At this time, your scalp may still be sensitive, however. So make sure you’re still keeping up with the recommended aftercare routine. For the next five days, you should still avoid the following:

Scratching your head: As with tattoos, your skin may begin to peel during these next few days. You should avoid rubbing or picking any scabs that may appear.

 Shampooing or exfoliating: Shampoo and exfoliants can stop the formation of new skin layers during healing and prevent the pigmentation from settling correctly.

Using chemicals or irritants: While your scalp is healing, avoid any activity or products that can cause inflammation. Any such irritation will also prevent the pigmentation from settling.

General tips:

At this stage, you can trim your hair with clippers gently if you need to. It is also required to keep the area clean by rinsing with water and pat dry with a clean towel. Low-level exercise and sports may be resumed with caution. We recommend you apply a gentle moisturizer that does not contain any fragrance or parabens. 

Day 10 and onward

After ten days, your scalp will is fully healed. You can resume all regular activities with caution. You will want to think about long-term results by protecting the skin from the sun and adopt a careful grooming and skincare routine. You may be scheduled for your next treatment session after 7-10 days. However, the rebooking may depend on how well your skin has healed, as it may vary from person to person. Before any appointment or micro-pigmentation session, you’ll be required to wash your head and cut your hair appropriately.

General tips:

You can find the anti-shine cream to prevent scalp shine by clicking here.

You can find the after-treatment ointment to apply un the healing scalp by clicking here.

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