Laser skin rejuvenation instructions

Laser skin rejuvenation instructions for you to know before and after your appointment.

What Should I Do Before Laser treatments?

If you are taking Accutane products, be sure to stop using them at least six months before your session and tell your esthetician about any other prescription drugs you might be taking. In addition, do not use any topical products that might cause sensitivity to the skin in the week before your treatment. Some examples are retinoids, acids, exfoliants, or even topical antibiotics.

Avoid unprotected sun exposure, tanning or sunburn, as well as IPL and other laser therapies in the two weeks before your session. As well, do not wax, use cream depilatories, or get electrolysis on the area you have targeted for your session for two weeks before your treatment.

If you have recurring cold sores, take antiviral medication for two days before your treatment and the day of. If you take blood-thinning medicine, ask your doctor if you can stop for one week before your laser session to minimize bruising.

Important Notice

  1. After each laser session, your lesions may appear temporarily lighter, darker or in irregular PATCHES.
  2. The quality of results cannot be determined after each session, only after you have complete more or less 4 or 6 sessions.
  3. Laser results are effective on 99% of people, however the level of expected results are not guaranteed.
  4. Please avoid tanning, products and lotions before your appointment.

Special after care instructions

  1. Avoid extended sun exposure for seven days after your laser treatment.
  2. If blisters or irritation occur, do not touch them.
  3. If the skin is injured, apply an antibiotic ointment such as POLYSPORIN until it’s healed.
  4. Never touch a lesion with unwashed hands.
  5. Tylenol is recommended for any discomfort.
  6. You should invest in a Restorative lotion or aloe vera to alleviate skin.
  7. Avoid using sports, heat, saunas, seat warmers and anything that can produce sweating.
  8. Avoid other laser treatments or chemical procedures for at least two 
weeks post-treatment or until healing occurs.
  9. Use sunscreen SPF 30 or higher when exposed to the sun.
  10. If you experience advanced irritation or 
swelling or blistering, apply POLYSPORIN ointment immediately.
  11. For best results, complete all the treatments at the intervals recommended 
by your Esthetician.

Routine Day 2 to Day 10

  1. Cleanse skin and Apply lotion on the skin at least once per day to help rehydrate and rebalance the skin after laser.
  2. Monitor your lesions and reschedule your appointment within 4-6 weeks apart for consistent results.
  3. After 10 days, you may gently exfoliate the skin to help shed any scabs or dead skin.