Sensitive skin

It can be difficult to diagnose sensitive skin. Because of this, many patients silently deal with the symptoms and effects without dermatological intervention. Sensitive skin can also be a sign of other common skin conditions. Let’s look at a few of the signs of sensitive skin and how the condition can be diagnosed and treated with customized skincare treatments.

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Become an esthetician

Since sensitive skin is often an indication of other skin conditions, it is not a medical condition in itself that dermatologists will diagnose. Signs of sensitive skin often occur during a flareup or reaction to allergens or cosmetics, soaps, or creams. Many people with sensitive skin don’t even know it until they experience a reaction with visible symptoms.

The good news is that most triggers of sensitive skin symptoms are treatable and nothing to worry about. Symptoms of sensitive skin can, however, be frustrating and uncomfortable. New Age Spa will effectively analyze your specific skin condition or sensitivities to recommend the best treatments and skincare to maintain healthy-looking, smooth skin that feels great. While there are several causes of sensitive skin, keep an eye out for these common symptoms that may indicate an acute skin condition:

  • Itchy, flaking, or scaly skin
  • Cracked or bleeding skin
  • Peeling Skin
  • Red or ashy skin
  • Red Bumps
  • Raw or swollen skin
  • Rashes
  • Tenderness

From sensitive skin to dry skin and oily skin, the services at New Age Spa have you covered. You’ll leave our Spa Clinic feeling radiant and glowing. Book any of these facial treatments and body care procedures, and our expert skincare team will customize the treatment for your skin type:

  • Classic european Facial
  • Oxygenating Facials
  • Acne and Blackhead Treatments
  • Deep hydrating facial
  • Led light therapy facial
  • Hydro Jelly mask facial

What causes sensitive skin?

Some underlying causes of sensitive skin and associated symptoms include dry skin, eczema, irritants, contact dermatitis, or rosacea. At your skin analysis appointment, your dermatologist will identify the causes of your sensitive skin to create the proper course of treatment and care. If reactions to allergens and irritants ever become severe, it’s important to visit a physician as soon as possible. Less serious symptoms of sensitive skin such as redness, itchiness, and flare-ups should also be treated by a professional skincare expert. Everyone deserves smooth, healthy-looking skin that feels good.

Sensitive skin may also become apparent when you try a new makeup brand, soap, or face cream and notice a change in your skin’s appearance. You may also notice that your skin is generally reactive to climate, fragrances, hot and cold temperatures, or other everyday products. Visible or chronic symptoms of sensitive skin depend on the specific cause, allergen, or irritant. Patients with sensitive skin may experience one, some, or none of these symptoms!

Improve sensitive skin

Sometimes, the best treatment for sensitive skin involves a few simple changes to your lifestyle or skincare routine. Other times, symptoms of sensitive skin require more in-depth care, such as sensitive facial treatments and body care. At New Age Spa, all of our facial and body care treatments can be specially tailored to suit your skin type. Our facials are excellent for all skin types – including sensitive skin.

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