Keratosis conditions of the skin cause a range of symptoms that leave patients feeling uncomfortable, frustrated, and self-conscious. With the proper care and professional skin analysis consultations, these common skin conditions can be addressed and treated with minimal stress and as little as one visit to New Age Spa medispa.

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What is Keratosis?

The skin condition referred to as keratosis is recognized as a growth of extra keratin on the skin. Keratin is a hard protein meant to protect the body from infections and harmful substances entering through pores and follicles. Keratosis growth appears on the mucous membranes, a type of skin cell in the epidermis. Symptoms of keratosis appear when the excess skin growth plugs or clogs hair follicles. 

Keratosis pilaris is the most common skin condition associated with keratosis. It can begin in patients of any age but often starts in early infancy, sometimes clearing up by adulthood. Keratosis Pilaris affects up to 40% of adults.

Symptoms of keratosis pilaris include:

  • Small, red bumps
  • Rough skin
  • Scaly skin
  • Dry skin
  • Itchy, inflamed flare-ups
Keratosis treatment pricing starts at 105$ per session and you may need 3-6 treatments
  • Hydradermabrasion to exfoliate dry skin
  • Microneedling to smooth skin and restore collagen
  • Peels to improve skin texture and tone
  • Jelly mask facials to soothe and calm skin


    At New Age Spa clinic, our team offers a variety of facial and body care treatment options to help smooth skin and reveal the refreshed and rejuvenated texture you’ve been searching for. There are several common strategies for treating keratosis. Some ways to get rid of keratosis include:


The best Keratosis treatments in Montreal and Laval

For the best facial treatments and Keratosis in Montreal and Laval, trust New Age Spa. Get a professional skin analysis by a medical esthetician in Montreal or Laval.
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Symptoms and effects

Though harmless, the skin condition is frustrating to many patients since it causes visible skin blemishes, red marks, bumps, and rough or scaly-looking skin. For many dealing with keratosis pilaris, the symptoms can be mistaken for small red pimples resembling a plucked chicken – thus the nickname of “chicken skin”!

Types of keratosis and causes

Keratosis pilaris is considered a common genetic condition that affects the hair follicles, often causing reddening and inflammation of the skin. Typically found on the arms, thighs, face, back, and buttocks.

Seborrheic keratosis

is a benign skin growth that appears as brown spots on the outer layer of the skin. Seborrheic keratosis is most often harmless, but many patients opt for skin rejuvenating facials and body care treatments to reduce the appearance of the overgrown skin. Other types of keratosis include actinic and chronic scar keratosis, which should be examined by a medical professional.

Other causes of keratosis

For patients with gluten intolerance, symptoms of keratosis and “chicken skin” on the arms can sometimes be triggered by consuming foods with gluten. Excess fat cells in the body, diet and other environmental factors can also contribute to inflammation or symptoms of keratosis pilaris. Skin analysis by our knowledgeable team at New Age Spa will help determine the causes and triggers of your frustrating keratosis skin condition or flare-ups.

Skin analysis consultation with skincare specialists

At your skincare consultation and skin analysis, our professional skin specialists can analyze keratosis symptoms to determine the best course of treatment. It’s essential to have all abnormal skin growths and conditions examined by a professional to rule out more serious conditions such as cancerous growths, infections, and more.

At New Age Spa, we provide complete skin analysis and free consultation with our team of professional skincare specialists and MDs. As a result, patients benefit from gaining an understanding of their unique skin types and conditions. 

Best Keratosis treatment recommendations in Montreal and Laval

After your consultation, our team recommends the most beneficial course of treatment, including facial or body care treatments at our Montreal and Laval spa locations for the best keratosis treatment in Canada.

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