What is an acne facial treatment?

You’re planning a spa day for a little “you-time,” but you’ve seen the long list of facials your favourite spa or salon offers and, while it seems exciting, it is also a bit overwhelming. When you look in the mirror lately you notice some pimples but you are not sure if you have oily, combination, or acne-prone skin in general. Additionally, you are not quite certain if you “have acne” or if an acne facial is really going to be the right facial option for you. Here is all you need to know about an acne facial treatment, so you can more clearly decide if its benefits are the ones you are looking for.

First, a little about acne

Simply put, the presence of pimples in oily areas indicates acne. There are different degrees of acne of course, but anyone with some degree of acne could benefit from an acne facial treatment during a breakout. Everyone will have an acne breakout at some point in their life, regardless of their skin type. So do you “have acne?” Would an acne facial be good for you? It just might.

First, while it may not be the classiest of skin issues, you shouldn’t feel embarrassed about booking an acne facial. Old myths about acne have since been disproven; it does not come from eating too much chocolate, or not washing enough. Rather, acne is often hereditary, a result of hormones, and/or inflammation.

Oxygen, acne’s worst fear

One important thing to note about acne is that the bacteria that causes it cannot survive in the presence of oxygen. So, when follicles get blocked by solidified sebum and dead skin cell build up during the normal process of cell regeneration, oxygen cannot reach the bottom of the follicle where acne bacteria live. This makes the bacteria grow, which creates the inflammation we call acne.

Exfoliating and helping with the desquamation process allows oxygen into the follicle to kill bacteria. Over the long term, this is a major way to combat acne. This is what the acne facial treatment aims to do, and how these products work.

Step by step acne facial treatment process

After your consultation, with music on and lights dimmed, your esthetician will gently cleanse your face with a cleanser that was created specifically for oily and acne-prone skin. Then, they will steam your face for about five minutes in order to loosen sebum and open the pores in preparation for extractions. A cleansing lotion or gel will soon be applied to any area with pimples or clogged pores before a negative galvanic current is applied over it. This step should last several minutes. It will also help to ease the extractions.

Then, your skincare professional will either use manual tools or an electric device for the extractions. They will keep extractions to under five minutes each session. There might be some that are not ready to come out in that time frame, so you may have to book follow-up sessions to complete all of the clogged pores you might have.

Your esthetician will then apply either an astringent lotion, a toner for oily skin, or a specialized serum created just for post-extraction to the area. Afterward, direct high frequency will be applied using a mushroom shaped electrode, and if galvanic desincrustation was used before the extraction, a positive galvanic current will be used next. This helps to establish a proper pH level to the skin surface.

Next, an antibacterial or sulphur-based mask will be applied to all oily and acne-prone areas. If the skin has any dryer areas, such as the eye and neck areas, or if you have combination skin, the esthetician might also apply a spot treatment hydrating gel mask. These masks will stay on for about 10 minutes. At the last step of the treatment, after any masks are removed, a toner and then a specialized lotion, both designed for oily and acne prone skin, will be applied. If you booked your acne facial treatment during the day, the lotion should have SPF 50 or higher within the formula.

Products we use for acne facial treatments

At New Age Spa, we offer our Pro Peeling Facials, which are Dermalogica branded chemical peels, for oily and acne prone skin types. This treatment can also help with reducing keratosis pilaris, fine lines, discoloration, texture, tone, and dullness. When used for adult acne, the pro peeling facial uses three acids –salicylic acid, mandelic acid and malic acid– to quickly and powerfully exfoliate, resurface, and even out skin tone. It targets blemishes, post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, and redness. For best results, this acne facial treatment, should be maintained with a total of five sessions every two to four weeks.

A facial everyone might need at some point

A deep clean and extractions are going to do wonders for acne-prone skin. Since everyone will experience a breakout someday, don’t be ashamed to book your acne facial treatment. If you have pimples, it will probably be the right choice for you. But don’t worry – an esthetician at any reputable salon or spa will be sure to meet with you for a pre-treatment consultation to make sure you are booked for the right service to match your personalized needs. If you would like to see if an acne facial treatment is your best option, you can book your free consultation here.

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