What is a Full Body Laser?

You’ve heard of laser hair removal for the legs, and laser hair removal for the underarm, but what’s a full body laser hair removal treatment? As summer approaches, this might be one of many beauty and wellness questions you are asking yourself in preparation for warmer days. With a higher price tag than some other salon services, it makes sense for you to wonder what a full body laser hair removal treatment or epilation is all about and what benefits await you. Knowing this, you can ensure you receive an excellent return on your investment.

General laser hair removal vs. full body

To begin, laser hair removal is a salon epilation treatment that uses laser light to zap any unwanted hair follicles. The laser targets the melanin in the hair, which is the part of the hair that creates its pigment. By doing this, it thermally damages the hair follicle safely and painlessly so that it eventually does not produce more hair.

For a more detailed description of the basic laser hair removal treatment, generally offered for individual body parts one at a time, you can read more here. 

Clients can expect 80 per cent permanent hair removal on all body parts after four to eight treatments.

This epilation service is most commonly offered one at a time for each body part you would like to target. While one client might seek lasers for the underarms, another will be interested in the legs, and another might be targeting the back, the face, or even the bikini area.

Sometimes one client does all these treatments over years. When a client chooses a full body laser hair removal package, they are buying a series of laser treatments that will cover the full body each session. Over several sessions, this epilation package aims to target all the areas on the body where they have unwanted hair. Since everybody is different, every full-body laser hair treatment package will be different as well.

What does a full-body laser treatment generally include?

  • Laser for the full legs and toes
  • Laser for the full arms and fingers
  • Laser for the full bikini and bikini lines
  • Laser for the belly line
  • Laser for the full Face
  • Laser removal for the underarms
  • Laser removal for the buttocks and butt area

Why might someone opt for full body hair removal?

Besides the freedom of being able to ditch the razors and the hope to no longer have to maintain the upkeep of other hair removal forms like waxing, some people might choose full body laser hair removal if they have a lot of hair on their body. This can change with time or hormones, and there are some disorders and some medications that can cause hair to grow or for it to darken over time.

Others might opt for laser hair removal for lifestyle reasons. Professional swimmers, for instance, tend to want to minimize body hair to improve their swim times, and bodybuilders or models may also find that their livelihoods require them to have minimal body hair. Many people simply choose laser for themselves. It can certainly be a confidence booster.

Some things to note

When you opt for any laser treatments, it is important to remember that they are not recommended for people who are pregnant. You should also not tan or wax the targeted area for three weeks before the treatment. Keep in mind that you should be sure to avoid tanning the area for two weeks after your laser hair removal, as well.

Worth the investment over time

Laser epilation may seem, at first, like a large price tag and time commitment (since you will want to return for follow-ups to make sure that the hair is less likely to grow back over time) but it is actually more affordable epilation and less time in the long run. That is because even shaving at home has a cost. Whether you shave every day, every few days, weekly, or less often, there is still a time requirement and a price associated with shaving tools – like razors, blades, shaving creams, and in-grown hair products. Over years, that price can add up. But most importantly, so can your valuable time. Laser hair removal is a treatment that will help you save money and time in the future after several sessions. Eventually, you may never have to even think about body hair or hair removal by wax epilation again.