What is a Brazilian bikini laser removal?

Laser hair removal treatments are prevalent in Canada due to the significant life improvements they can provide. Arguably the best sensation in the world can be walking out of a hot shower and feeling your skin completely smooth and hair-free. Definitive hair removal using laser technology permanently reduces unwanted hair from the body, leaving you with soft, clear and healthy skin. This article does not explain the complex concepts of a laser. However, we will define Brazilian bikini laser hair removal and explain different types of laser hair removal in the bikini area. A Brazilian bikini laser removal is a hair removal service that weakens hair follicles in the skin, and after a few appointments, will prevent them from growing completely. The result is smooth and hairless skin on whatever body area you decide to treat with laser, including the bikini area.

What is the bikini area?

Everyone already knows what a bikini is, but to better explain a bikini laser, here is a brief description anyway: A bikini is a women’s two-piece swimsuit composed of two triangles of fabric that cover the woman’s breasts, similar to a bra, and two triangles of fabric on the bottom with the front part covering the pelvis and the back part covering the inner buttocks.

What is a Brazilian bikini laser removal?

A bikini laser hair removal, different from a Brazilian bikini laser hair removal, is described as removing hair around the bottom bikini, not including what is covered under the bikini piece of clothing itself. This means that the technician will apply the laser beam only on and around the perimeter of the lower bikini part of a swimsuit. In particular, hair is visible above the bikini cloth and on the inner thighs, where the hair is typically seen outside the side of the bikini cloth.

Brazilian bikini laser vs. Regular bikini laser

Conversely, a full Brazilian bikini laser hair removal is the treatment option that targets everything inside and around the lower part of a swimsuit or panties. The Brazilian bikini laser or Full bikini laser hair removal treatment available in our clinics include the removal of the pubic hair, the bikini lines on the inner thighs, the perineum, or the area between the anus and genitals, around the anus and finally, on the buttock area that is usually covered by the bikini.

How much is a bikini laser?

The price for a Bikini line laser treatment and a Full bikini laser treatment will vary from laser clinics in Canada. The price tends to be higher due to numerous additional parts the full bikini laser option will include. For example, the price for bikini lines laser hair removal costs 80$ at our laser clinics in Montreal and Laval. On the other hand, the full bikini laser hair removal treatment or Brazilian bikini laser will cost 120$. This is because our laser technicians are very generous with the hair removal application and will make sure to reach every area needed for perfect hair removal. The bikini laser prices given above are calculated per session, and a typical person will need around 6 sessions or more for permanent results. Therefore the real cost for bikini laser hair removal is 480$ for the bikini lines and 720$ for the full Brazilian bikini. Clients will usually pay for each session when they visit, around once per month for around six months.

Prices for the bikini laser hair removal:

  • Full Brazilian bikini laser costs 120$/per session
  • Bikini lines laser only costs 80$/per session

We hope that this article has helped clarify any confusion around different types of bikini laser hair removal and their prices. If you are searching for a laser hair removal clinic that provides comfortable, safe and highly effective laser hair removal treatments, look no further. Contact our laser hair removal clinic in Montreal or Laval for a free consultation. Our laser techs have helped tons of happy people in Montreal, and you can view our laser hair removal google reviews here. Our top-of-the-line cynosure laser machines will show you real results and real fast! Finally, it’s worth noting that it’s always best to show up to your appointment with shaved or shorter hair, especially in the bikini area. This can improve your laser hair removal experience and results. Read why in our article on Why you should shave before laser hair removal?