New Age Spa uses Velashape III cellulite removal and body contouring

As experts in medical esthetics, New Age Spa has recently started to offer Velashape III cellulite removal and body contouring treatments to our clients. Our salons are now newly equipped with state-of-the-art devices. Velashape III technology is proven to treat cellulite and contour the body by working on collagen fibres, fibrous bands, and fat cells.

What causes cellulite to form?

It is very common and most commonly found in women. Cellulite occurs when fat cells develop inflammation when they are trapped between bands under the skin. The fat cells can grow for various reasons, such as hormones, and it can cause them to take up more space against the fibrous bands. This causes the lymphatic system to clog and the blood vessels to compress, while the partitions tighten and cause depression to show. Before the Velashape III, cellulite was notorious for being difficult to eliminate without invasive procedures.


What to expect at your Velashape III cellulite removal/contour treatment
Once a week for about six weeks, you come in for a spa treatment that feels similar to getting a hot stone massage. At the end of your treatments, the look and feel of your cellulite are reduced, and your targeted area of the body will look and feel tighter.


But what happens during your appointment?

Your esthetician applies a lotion to the area and adjusts the Velashape III to a personalized setting before using the device. It can be applied on the thighs, calves, buttocks, hips, calves, and arms. Throughout the session, the edge of the equipment makes contact with the skin as it pulses, treating the cellulite beneath the surface. This massaging effect safely and effectively leaves skin smoother and firmer in just a few repeat sessions.


Choosing New Age Spa for your cellulite removal in Montreal

If you’re looking to remove cellulite or firm and contour your body, our team of skincare experts can outline the process to you during a free consultation. Now that New Age Spa offers the Velashape III, cellulite removal results are quicker and more effective than ever before. 


Book your Velashape III cellulite removal/contouring treatment here.

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