All about back acne (AKA bacne)and how to treat it

Acne is caused by bacteria, sweat, and oil getting stuck inside clogged pores. This can result from excessive oil production related to hormones. Still, it can also result from sweat, especially if you don’t shower immediately after exercising or in warmer climates.

In the warmer parts of the year, and in circumstances where you do more physical activity, you may notice an increase in acne. In some cases, you might find it in places beyond your face. One such place is the back – a common spot, but often a source of annoyance and shame to our clients.


Here are some ways you can treat “bacne.”


Salicylic acid

Perhaps the most popular ingredient in acne products, this beta-hydroxy acid can get deeper into pores than other cleaning ingredients to wash out built-up grime and toxins below the surface. In addition, it can clear existing pimples and control oil, so fewer new pimples grow in their place. You can use a body wash with salicylic acid to treat acne on the back. You can also opt for a salicylic acid mask.


While retinoids are commonly used to help encourage exfoliation and speed up cell turnover on the face, it is also safe to use on the body. For instance, when you find acne on your back, you can apply retinoid creams like Differin all over that area. This will remove the current acne and dead cell buildup and discourage the growth of other potential blemishes in the area. Don’t use it as a spot treatment, though. 



While it might not be the easiest to reach, the back should also be exfoliated regularly, almost daily, just as the face and the rest of the body. To do this, you can buy body scrubs, loofahs on strings and sticks, as well as cucumber sponges. Deeper exfoliation measures should be taken every few weeks as well. You can also book an appointment for a back facial.


Let the skincare pros exfoliate your back for you.


At New Age Spa, we offer Back Facials that include double cleanses, extractions, lymphatic drainage massage, and additional skincare treatments, such as light therapy, dermabrasion, masks, and even chemical peels for that hard-to-reach area. So you can enjoy the relaxation and pampering of a facial and a massage on your back while our estheticians help to remove, reduce, and eliminate your back acne.


Choosing New Age for your bacne treatments in Montreal

Whether you choose to use salicylic acid washes, retinoid creams, or any of various forms of exfoliation to help diminish your back acne, know that a clear, smooth back is possible. Our estheticians are ready to meet with you for your free consultation about the best approaches to your skin concerns – we have got your back.

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