Should I get a chemical peel in the Summer?

Renew and restore your skin

The warmer days are on their way, and you just know you want to step into summer with your best face forward. What better time to pamper yourself with a fast-acting, multi-purpose treatment like a chemical peel? If you have been considering trying out the popular anti-aging treatment which promises to renew and restore your skin to a glowing, youthful tone and texture, then you’ve probably already done some research. It might, then, be no surprise to you that chemical peels, while powerful and effective at remedying so many skin imperfections, can leave your skin sensitive to the sun.

This fact might lead you to believe that the only right time for a chemical peel is during the winter months, but that simply is not true. Not only is it perfectly safe to opt for a chemical peel over the sunniest months of the year, but there are actually several added benefits you can experience when treating your skin with a luscious chemical peel before Labour Day.


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Control excess oil production through exfoliation

First off, let’s be real. The hot summer months can sometimes take us far past the level of “dewy” and “glowing” than we intend for our skin – all the way into the oily category. However, one of the greatest strengths of a chemical peel is its capacity to control excess oil production through exfoliation, leaving the skin smooth, healthy-looking, and glowing. The peel’s ingredients will dissolve the connections that hold layers of dead skin cells built up on the surface, trapping oils. Within a few days, these cells will dry and flake off (painlessly), allowing new, smoother, hydrated skin to regenerate in its place so you can avoid excess oil and other skin imperfections for the rest of the summer. Not only do chemical peels improve the appearance of your skin, but also the feel of it. This summer, you’ll want to feel dewy and glowing, not sticky.

Quick and easy treatment, but so effective

It isn’t often that the quick and easy way is the most effective. But when it comes to chemical peels, you’ll be surprised. Over just a few days, you will see fast results and very little downtime compared to other more intensive anti-aging and resurfacing skin care options. In the summer, you want to spend more of your time taking it easy and enjoying your beach days than worrying about your skin. Keep in mind that a chemical peel is a multi-tasker, doing so much for your skin at once. It can help with wrinkles and fine lines, sun damage, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, melasma, and uneven skin tones. It’s a treatment that keeps giving. All you need to give it is a quick spa visit and a few days to work its magic before you spend your summer with sun-kissed, evenly textured skin.

Peel benefit: Little to no makeup needed later

When you’re out at a patio cinq-a-sept or lounging poolside, you don’t want to have to wear layers of heavy, full-coverage foundation. The natural look will look even better on you when your pores are refined, your skin texture has smoothed, and fine lines, wrinkles and any discolorations have been minimized. In fact, ù

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Less waiting for you

Since it is a common misconception that chemical peels are unsafe during summer, most fans of chemical peels continue to flock to salons in the fall and winter for this treatment. That means there can be long waiting periods to book an appointment during the colder months. The fall and winter also happen to be some of the busiest times of the year, otherwise with many different holidays, the start of school, and family obligations. Sometimes it can be hard to make time to remember to pamper one’s self that time of year, and pretty soon, another year has passed without trying a chemical peel.

Why the misconception?

Whether you opt for a glycolic peel, a trichloracetic acid peel, or even an at-home chemical peel you can purchase at our salon, the exfoliation is always powerful, leading to effective results you can notice almost right away every time. This means your skin is left rejuvenated and corrected in so many ways but is also left more sensitive to the sun. Fortunately, wearing a broad-spectrum sunscreen exactly as you should be doing every day solves that. Make sure it is an SPF 30 or higher, reapply generously all over uncovered skin every two hours. And if you plan to swim or exercise, be sure to use water-resistant. Make sure you apply the sunscreen at least 15 minutes before you go outside, and don’t forget to use a lip balm with sun protection.

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A peel is summertime self-care

Whether at the beach, by the pool, out with friends, or at the air-conditioned office, summer is a time to treat yourself, take it easy, and feel light, free, and confident in your own skin. This summer, a chemical peel will help you with skin shine, texture, colour, aging, and much-needed self-care. You’ll get a head start on healing before the colder months, with minimal downtime. Plus, you’ll find that appointments come much more quickly this time of year. Besides, there are even some peels using polyhydroxy acids which do not cause any photosensitivity.

Book a chemical peel in Montreal or Laval

So, if you take care of your skin in the summer just as you should every other day of the year – even on cloudy days – then you should definitely consider calling us to book your first chemical peel appointment this summer. So, what are you waiting for? Or Book your consultation online now with a New Age skincare professional to learn more about the unique details of your skin and the services best suited for your specific needs.

Still wondering if chemical peels are right for you? Learn more about our chemical peel services here.

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