Do you have to shave before laser hair removal?

One of the most frequently asked questions by our lovely clients is, “Do you have to shave before laser hair removal?”. The simple answer to this question is yes. However, there is more to it than that, and at New Age Spa, we love to surpass expectations by providing in-depth information and quality advice to our customers. So here is our expert insight on…

Why shave before your laser appointment?

Laser hair removal is a complex process that we will briefly explain to help you understand the question at hand. Laser technology works by transferring light energy (heat) into the hair follicles and eventually weakening the root until it stops growing. During this heat transfer process, heat will be conducted from the hair’s highest tip, along its shaft (body), through the skin, and finally to the hair’s root.

Faster and efficient treatments

If you shave your hair before your laser hair removal treatment, you will shorten the distance of this heat transfer process. In other words, it will be faster and more efficient for the laser beam to reach the targeted hair follicle. As a result, you feel less of the heat that occurs if that process is done in a shorter period of time. We’re talking about fractions of a second here; however, your skin is sensitive enough to feel the difference. The shorter the hair, the better the experience.

Shaving before laser can:

  • Decrease the pain you feel
  • Increase the speed of hair follicle elimination
  • Prevent risks of skin irritation
  • Improve your results
  • Encourage faster appointment times


preparing for laser hair removal face underarms and body


Preparing for laser hair removal

Before your laser hair removal appointment, there are certain dos and don’ts that you should know about. For example, when should you shave your hair before the appointment, or what products you use on your skin. These are all important questions, and the right information may improve your chances for a perfect laser experience.

  1. You should shave the areas for laser 6 hours to 48 hours before your appointment.
  2. You should shave the hair using a razor, a trimmer or pluck the hair with tweezers.
  3. You should shave the skin with caution and prevent any razor cuts or burns before the laser.
  4. Avoid applying hair removal creams as they contain chemicals that may cause sensitivity to the skin.
  5. Avoid waxing the hair 3 weeks before your appointment, as it can disturb the hair growth cycles targeted by the laser.
  6. Avoid applying any moisturizer, creams or oil on the skin 24 hours before your appointment.

Preparing for hair removal of the face

The skin of the body is known to be stronger and tougher than the skin of your face. The sensitive nature of facial skin may change how you approach preparing for your laser hair removal appointment. Although the hair must be as short as possible, most people are not used to shaving their faces. The face is a relatively small area, so we recommend carefully shortening the bulk of the hair at home, while our laser technician will help you prepare the surface of the skin at the spa during your appointment time. She will possibly help you cut, shave, trim or pluck the hair that interferes with the hair removal process. Our goal is to make laser hair removal safe, easy and comfortable for you, so do not hesitate to ask us any questions regarding your upcoming appointment. Our Laser hair removal clinics in Montreal and Laval also provide free consultations for one-on-one interaction with qualified estheticians.

For more information on laser hair removal

If you need more tips and tricks, advice, or to book a free hair removal consultation, please contact us. Our team of helpful estheticians and medical estheticians are available around the clock to answer your laser questions. We pride ourselves on offering clients in Montreal and Laval top-rated customer service. Our clinics also have a proven track record in delivering the best laser hair removal results in a shorter period of time due to high-end technology and years of experience. This means faster appointments, fewer amounts of sessions required and a lot of savings for you! Book your appointment or consultation by clicking here.