My Laser hair removal experience in a Montreal Medispa

Several years ago, I decided to take the plunge with permanent hair removal.


Without any real knowledge of light-based hair removal treatments and the various types of technology on the market, I opted for Intense Pulse Light (IPL) hair removal on my legs, bikini, and underarms. I sat through about a dozen sessions— a dozen very painful sessions— and saw very little results. Sure, my hairs thinned out ever so slightly and I noticed a few bald patches here and there, but it was not worth the pain nor the thousands of dollars spent. I was very disappointed but managed to come to terms with the lifelong relationship I would be forced to have with my razor.

I’ve looked into the different types of hair removal technologies


Since then, I’ve looked into the different hair removal technologies and recognize that some are more advanced and, therefore, more effective than others. Both IPL and laser hair removal procedures use light energy to heat the follicle, eventually damaging it to the point where it is permanently incapable of producing new hair. From what I understand now, IPL hair removal uses a broadband pulsating light source instead of a true laser, which is a concentrated beam of light. The latter is generally more appropriate to target darker, coarser hair. This could potentially explain why IPL was not the most effective procedure for hair reduction in my case.

I would love not to have to deal with ingrown, cuts, and bumps


While my razor and I have a relatively steady relationship, I’m often left wanting more. I would love not to have to deal with ingrown, cuts, and bumps, especially during the summer months when I want to be smooth and bikini-ready at all times. The problem is: I’m Italian. My hair is dark; it’s thick, and it’s everywhere.

I decided to give laser hair removal a shot at New Age Spa


This past summer, I decided to give Laser hair removal in Montreal a shot at New Age Spa. Since I was a little hesitant following my first experience with hair removal, I opted to do my underarms first and wait to see results before doing the rest of my body. I am no expert on the different types of laser hair removal machinery, but New Age Spa’s technology had me quite impressed. Their Cynosure Vectus Laser comes equipped with the Skintel Melanin Reader, a sensor technology that assesses your skin type and registers the exact settings accordingly. Since the treatment parameters are selected based on the device’s assessment of your skin, the risk of side effects is diminished while the laser’s effectiveness is maximized.

I saw a reduction of hair in my underarms after one session!


I saw a reduction of hair in my underarms after one session! To date, I have gone for three sessions, and I am nearly bald. I am, as they say, shooketh. I also believed that Laser hair removal in Montreal was synonymous with pain; however, after experiencing laser hair removal at New Age Spa, I realize that this couldn’t be further from the truth. Technologies have evolved and it is totally realistic to expect little to no pain while getting laser hair removal. Naturally, some areas are more sensitive than others (not looking forward to doing my bikini area), but nothing a little numbing cream can’t help with. Overall, it’s a decently comfortable experience and totally worth the results. I won’t lie; as much as I lacked confidence in the past process, I’m looking forward to being bald from the nose down and parting ways with my razor for good.

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