Getting a facial during a pandemic

It has been a rough couple of years for most of everyone. With so many changes to our routines and adapting to work and school from home, it can be hard to make time for the spa in quite the same way as we used to before the Covid-19 pandemic began. It can be argued that we need spa days now more than ever. At the same time, sometimes it can seem like a salon might not be the safest place to be these days. The truth is that spas have never been as safe as they are right now.

Sanitizer at the door

While spas and salons have always aimed to be a sterile environment, with lots of cleaning in between customers and strict guidelines on cleanliness, only in the last couple of years have all spas had hand sanitizer out at the front door, lobby and/or reception. Even better – every visitor entering a spa establishment is required now to use that sanitizer on their hands before touching anything.


Lobbies cleaned after every customer.

It isn’t just everyone’s hands that are cleaner since the start of this pandemic. Now, lobbies, seated wait areas, and the furnishings within them are cleaned after every client. As well, clutter that would be hard to clean in between customers, such as magazines and books, are generally kept out of waiting areas to keep it cleaner and safer.


Objects are either sterilized or disposed of after each client contact.

Beyond just furniture at your spa, the small things you come into contact with are also cleaned, sterilized, or disposed of before and after you touch it. So from the pen and the clipboard, your consultation forms are found on to the sofa you’re sitting on; all will have been wiped down before you arrived to minimize the spread of germs, bacteria and viruses.


Everything used during your session will be either brand new or sterilized. 

This is even more important for the tools, equipment and products used during a facial or spa treatment. Spatulas will be the disposable kind, and any testers will be new and/or untouched. Plus, the whole room will have been scrubbed down before and after your session to keep you safe and healthy. Once you leave, they will be cleaned in the same way for the next client. 


Estheticians and skincare specialists all wear masks, gloves and face shields.

While it has always been common for estheticians and skin care specialists to wear gloves and masks when offering some services, it has not always been required at all steps of the client interaction. Additionally, not all staff (for instance, reception or management) or clients were ever required to wear this protective gear in Canada before our standards were adapted to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Today, however, all staff and all clients and visitors must wear masks before entering any spa establishment in Montreal. Estheticians will also be wearing face shields and gloves at all times for extra protection.


Staying safe at your facial in Montreal during Covid-19

All of these measures are taken by New Age Spa to ensure our clients have the best spa experience and stay safe, healthy, and happy afterward. Of course, these health and safety measures we take here protect our clients as a top priority. But they also keep our estheticians, skin care specialists and other staff just as safe from the virus or any diseases, infections, or illnesses.