Why and when to get a facial before a wedding

Brides will always want to look their best when they get married. But, while the dress, the shoes, the hair, and the makeup are all well-known wedding day essentials, it is not always obvious that skincare and spa facials shouldn’t be forgotten along the way.
In fact, bridal makeup will always look even better after receiving a professional facial or even a few skincare treatments. This is because it provides a clearer, smoother, brighter canvas to apply bridal makeup. Taking your skin from dull and stressed to radiant and glowing isn’t hard. You will want to consider booking some spa sessions as part of your pre-ceremony prep.

Avoiding breakouts, uneven skin tone and enlarged pores

If you have ever planned a wedding, you know it is one of those activities that really takes the cake on stress levels. The last thing a bride wants before her big day is to have a break out when she will be the centre of attention and the main focal point in so many photos you and your loved ones will look back on over the years.
To avoid breakouts on your big day, schedule several facials over the few months before your wedding.  Go in once a month for three or four months. Then book a facial two weeks before the wedding and one last one a week before the big day.
At New Age Spa, we offer our Deep Cleansing Facial, which includes extractions, double cleanses, and a possibility of microdermabrasion or light therapies to bring you that highly sought-after bridal glow.

Lifting, firming and improving skin texture

We aren’t all in our early adult years when we get married, but we all want to feel young, radiant, and beautiful that day. So if your wedding day skincare goals include making sure any fine lines and wrinkles are minimized and that the skin has a healthy lift and firm texture, you might want to add on more than just a facial. Microneedling is just what you need.
You will want to start your skin care regimen a few months in advance. This allows your skin enough time to get used to the treatments and the active products used so you can maximize the results. Being consistent will be key if any follow-up appointments are needed.
At New Age Spa, we offer micro-needling sessions in 75-minute appointments. However, a few sessions may be needed for the best results on your wedding day.

Overall radiance and a youthful glow

If you are looking to detoxify the skin, treat hyperpigmentation and gain that wedding-day glow, you might want to opt for a chemical peel or anti-ageing facial. They are packed with AHAs, as well as glycolic or lactic acids. Any fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots can be removed in as little as one appointment because of this. At New Age Spa, we offer the Skin Brightening Facial.

Don’t forget the body treatments. 

Whether you opt for a cellulite or contouring treatment, a back facial, chemical peels or hydradermabrasion for the body, a facial doesn’t need to focus only on the neck up. Especially in the weeks leading up to your marriage! What else will be in the spotlight on your wedding day? Of course, it all depends on the dress. Arms, shoulders, chest, back, legs?
At New Age Spa, you can choose between our Back Facial, Body Dermabrasion, Body Peel, Body Contouring, and Cellulite Treatment.
It is your special day, and you’re the star of the show. You deserve to treat yourself to the facials and body care treatments that will make you feel radiant, confident, and your most beautiful self as you walk down the aisle.