The daily life of women is not always easy, and a few minor inconveniences can make their experience even more difficult! A few extra hairs, apparent and on a more or less conspicuous area, a problem widespread in many women of all ages! 

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Whether you’ve tried hot waxing, cold waxing, threading, or shaving, but hair keeps coming back. Why not opt for a laser hair removal method that is permanent? If you are located in Montreal or Laval and surroundings, then this little guide is for you! Through this guide, we will answer all the most frequent questions about laser hair removal and, therefore, the why and how of things!

Laser hair removal, what is it?

Laser hair removal is a method of hair removal by exposure. It uses pulses of laser light that destroy the hair follicle.

How does laser hair removal work?

Laser hair removal involves projecting a beam of light onto the hair follicle to burn it to destroy it.

It is essential to know that the hair follicle must contain melanin so that the light is transformed into heat.


Laser hair removal should not be confused with intense pulsed light!

This method, photo coagulates the bulb thanks to the heat!


Melanin is a material that occurs naturally in the skin. Its role is to give colour to the skin and hair.

There are two types of melanin in the hairs:

– Eumelanin: This is melanin, which gives hairs a brown or black colour.

– Pheomelanin: It represents melanin, responsible for the blonde or red colour of the hair.

Selective Absorption

Due to the selective absorption of photons from laser light, the pigment in hair will absorb the light and heat of the laser. This means that the target of the laser is, therefore, not the bulb, but rather the pigment, which gives it its brown or black colour!


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Hair cycle


How many sessions are needed to make hair disappear permanently with laser hair removal? 

As you probably know, the hairs grow in several phases.

There are 3 hair life stages: 


– Anagen

– Telogen

– Catagen

Laser hair removal can only affect the hair follicles, which are active, which means the first stage is called anagen. In conclusion, several sessions are necessary to damage the hair in all phases of its growth! Most patients need a minimum of six to eight sessions.

Manufacturers and clinicians generally recommend waiting three to eight weeks between sessions, depending on the area to be treated. You should also know that the number of sessions depends and varies depending on several:



– The location of ​​the body to be waxed

– The colour of the skin

– The roughness of the hair

– The reason for the hirsutism

– The patient’s sex

Dark hairs

Dark, thick hairs on fair skin are the easiest to treat!

Some areas like men’s faces may require a lot more treatment to get the desired results!

In general, the loss of treated hairs takes about two to three weeks; these hairs will fall out on their own and must not be handled by the patient to avoid infections. Professionals also forbid pulling the hairs after a session, as this can be painful and can also reduce the effects of the treatment!

What is the most effective method between laser hair removal, pulsed light hair removal, hot wax and shaving?


– Shaving is a simple and painless method that removes the hair for a short time.

– Hot wax is an advantageous and effortless method that allows hair to be removed while keeping the skin soft, between 5 and 10 days!

– Laser hair removal is permanent

Why laser hair removal?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of this method?

Here are the advantages of laser hair removal: Laser

-hair removal will allow you to remove 90% of the hairs that burdens you permanently, and once the sessions are over, you will get permanent hair removal!

– Laser hair removal guarantees you soft and smooth skin and pain-free sessions

– Laser hair removal will save you money in the long term! You will no longer have to buy razors or have sessions at the beautician to enjoy soft, hairless skin!

– The laser hair removal method will save you money, but also time! No more long and painful hair removal sessions at the beautician and no more hassle to remove all the hair! Thanks to technology, an hour can be enough to remove all the hair from an area of ​​your body!

– With the laser, you will get soft skin without imperfections! Which means Goodbye cuts and ingrown hairs!

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