Facial treatments made for summertime are packed with water rich nutrients and are aimed at restoring skin vitality and hydration levels. Healthy skin and moisture are essential for proper cell turnover, collagen production and healing. Summer facials also improve your skin’s ability to defend itself from free-radical agents and withstand the effects of UV rays.

Why get a summer Facial?

Summer is finally here, and it’s all about getting a nice tan, relaxing in the sun and enjoying the outdoor activities that come with this beautiful season. As fun as it is, summer will inevitably expose your skin to ultraviolet rays, free radicals and possibly sunburns. Signs of skin ageing, such as brown spots, wrinkles and sensitive skin, are primarily caused by too much sun exposure. Hence, summer facials are created to hydrate, restore and protect your skin from damage caused by hot and sunny weather.

Is it safe to get a facial during the summer?

There is an ongoing rumour that facial treatments are not recommended to do during the summer season. However, this is one of the most popular myths, and reduced skin care can lead to vulnerability and damage from the sun. Beauty experts recommend regular summer-friendly facials to promote healthy, strong skin that can protect itself from pollution and photo-damage.

Summertime facials with different results

Our beauty clinics in Montreal and Laval have developed a series of summertime facials to restore your skin’s healthy levels of hydration, oil and vitamins. We use different treatments such as hydra dermabrasion, standard multi-step treatments and light peels to clean, exfoliate and hydrate the skin. Summer facials will clean your pores from dirt, sweat, and toxins accumulated with increased outdoor activities. Besides, unique ingredients such as vitamin c, collagen, and hyaluronic acid are infused into the skin to treat dry, dehydrated or possibly damaged skin. This facial is a relaxing treatment that will help you ensure glowing and refreshed skin all summer round.


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