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What is A hydrating facial?

Over time, exposure to the sun and pollution, ageing, and daily wear can lead to skin feeling dry, dull, and less than refreshed! Deep hydrating facials allow the skin to feel smooth, soft, and hydrated. Our deep hydrating facial care treatments offer long-lasting results for beautiful, younger-looking skin.

Our hydrating facials can cost anywhere from 105$ to 155$.


Benefits of a Hydrating Facial

Clients who are prone to dry, itchy, or flaky skin combined with a feeling of tightness can benefit from our deep hydrating facial treatments. Our signature hydrating facials are designed to increase the skin’s ability to retain water and restore moisture and PH levels in the skin.

Hydrating Facials use advanced medical esthetics and water-based products, allowing the skin to look and feel bright and radiant. In addition, the hyaluronic acid-focused treatment packs water-rich properties, vitamins, and nutrients in the formula to help regulate moisture levels. As a result, expect a noticeable improvement in skin tone and texture.

Our hydrating facials are suitable for all skin types and tones. Treatments benefit the skin with less oil production, fewer acne breakouts, and reduced itchiness or dryness.

Why does skin get dehydrated?

Climate and changing weather, such as humidity, can negatively affect the skin’s texture and appearance. Sun exposure, excessive sweating, and lack of water intake all play a part in dry, itchy skin. Oily skin can also be a sign of dehydration in the dermis. Hydrating facials help the skin to maintain proper moisture levels, resulting in smoother, healthy-looking skin with restored brightness and vitality.

What to expect at our MediSpa locations

At our New Age Spa locations in Montreal and Laval, we offer a range of hydrating facial options. Deep hydration facial treatments typically take 30, 60, or 90 minutes, depending on the skin’s hydration needs. At your appointment, our Skincare Specialist will go over your options for beauty treatments and recommend skincare options during your skin consultation.

How our Hydrating Facial works

Our medical facial treatments begin with cleansing of the skin to remove impurities, oil, and dirt. We then apply toner to prepare the skin. Depending on the skin’s level of sensitivity, facials include exfoliation to remove dead skin cells, revealing the healthier skin layer underneath.

Facials include a cocktail of hyaluronic acid serums applied to the skin to nourish and hydrate the pores. Our hydrating facial treatments are specifically designed to help increase the skin’s natural water retention capabilities, resulting in smoother, evenly toned, younger-looking skin.

Can I combine different facial treatments?

Yes! We will discuss your skincare needs and goals to put together an individualized facial skincare plan at your consultation appointment. Clients often combine facial treatments for optimal skincare results. Our knowledgeable medical esthetician team is here to help you achieve your best skin ever.

What Professional skincare brand do we use at New Age Spa?

We use Dermalogica professional products and GM Collin premium clinical treatment products.

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The best hydrating facial in Montreal and Laval

For the best facial treatments and hydrating facial in Montreal and Laval, trust New Age Spa. Get a professional skin analysis by a medical esthetician in Montreal or Laval.
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