Hydra dermabrasion is an advanced skin and facial treatment that combined deep cleansing exfoliation with hydration and skin infusion.


What is hydradermabrasion?

Hydradermabrasion is a skin treatment that combines simultaneous dermal infusion of medicinal products and crystal-free exfoliation. Hydradermabrasion activates cellular renewal, strengthens, hydrates and smoothes the epidermis.

Skin Benefits

Hydra dermabrasion treatment helps the skin stay young and healthy. Using technology such as skin infusion and aqua peeling, this facial is a well-rounded treatment that targets many different skin conditions. Hydradermabrasion will help you with:

  • Dull skin
  • Dead cell
  • Dehydrated skin
  • Open pores
  • Dry skin
  • skin texture
  • Discolouredtion
  • Blackheads

Our Microneedling results

treatment price

Cost for Hydradermabrasion of the face


Cost for Hydradermabrasion on the back


hydradermabrasion facial near you

Hydradermabrasion experience

  1. Meet with an esthetician
  2. Skin consultation
  3. Skin analysis
  4. Double cleansing
  5. Hydradermabrasion 
  6. Skin infusion (during dermabrasion)
  7. Led light therapy
  8. Skincare recommendation
  9. Aftercare instructions

What does it feel like?

The hydradermabrasion facial is a relaxing and hydrating facial. You will feel like your skin is being drenched with fresh and healthy vitamin water. Your treatment includes a full facial spa experience from lifting facial massages to deep skin cleansing in a relaxing calm setting.

preparing for dermabrasion

To improve the outcome of your dermabrasion results, you should come with freshly cleaned hair. You should also prep your home environment by changing your pillowcases, bedsheets and face towels. Also, avoid drinking too much alcohol or taking blood-thinning medication the night prior to your treatment.

What to expect

Hydradermabrasion is great for anyone that wants a refreshing and deep cleansing facial. Your skin may seem slightly red right after the treatment but will go back to normal in a few hours. You will have a remarkable glow and soft, radiant skin. The result may last you up to a month as long as you maintain your skin with a recommended skincare routine. 

Your treatment

Our medispa facial clinics in Montreal and Laval place a high priority on customer experience. You will be greeted by a professional staff that have disinfected and sterilized all premises before your appointment. The treatment involves a full skin analysis before beginning the multi-step hydra dermabrasion facial skin treatment.

Hydradermabrasion contraindications

You must not be taking prescription drugs or antibiotics. You must not have the following or be prone to Keloid scars. Active eczema. Psoriasis and other chronic conditions. History of actinic or solar keratosis. We do not perform hydradermabrasion on women who are pregnant or nursing.


After your hydradermabrasion, avoid long periods of sun exposure for 48 hours. You can apply makeup after 6 hours.

For complete michydradermabrasion aftercare instructions, please click here.

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