Hydra Dermabrasion

Hydra Dermabrasion is a medical esthetician treatment used to exfoliate, hydrate, smooth, and plump the epidermis, resulting in radiant skin that glows.

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What is Hydra Dermabrasion?

Dry, itchy, or flaky skin needs hydration. Hydra Dermabrasion is an innovative dermatological and medical esthetic procedure that offers an alternative to microdermabrasion for a gentler hydrating dermabrasion treatment to exfoliate, hydrate, and plump the skin. Our signature Hydra Dermabrasion treatments improve skin brightness, tone, texture, and the appearance of minor fine lines. Treatments also help unclog pores, removing dead skin and reducing blackheads, acne scarring, and hyperpigmentation.

Hydra dermabrasion pricing starts at 155$.

  • Restore skin vitality and brightness
  • Remove dead skin cells
  • Hydrate skin
  • Protect skin from changing weather
  • Reduce enlarged pores and blackheads
  • Improve skin tone and texture
  • Reduce discolouration
  • Skin consultation and analysis
  • Double skin cleansing
  • Hydra Dermabrasion treatment and skin infusion of vitamins and serums
  • LED light therapy
  • Skincare recommendations and Aftercare instructions

The best Hydra Dermabrasion in Montreal and Laval

For the best facial treatments and Hydra Dermabrasion in Montreal and Laval, trust New Age Spa. Get a professional skin analysis by a medical esthetician in Montreal or Laval.

The Benefits of Hydra Dermabrasion Treatments

Unlike the popular treatment known as Dermabrasion which uses microcrystals, Hydra Dermabrasion uses the power of water, medicinal products, or a saline solution and oxygen to exfoliate and hydrate the skin deeply. Hydra Dermabrasion also has the added benefit of vitamin C infusion serums.

Thanks to the advanced technology of our specialized Hydra Dermabrasion device, the treatment can also help improve circulation in the skin, resulting in a boost of collagen production and longer-term anti-ageing benefits.

The hydradermabrasion experience – What to expect

Our hydra dermabrasion treatments are proven to improve skin texture and provide immediately visible anti-ageing results. You’ll feel and look great after just one session! Hydra Dermabrasion uses high-tech water-focused technology to ensure a comfortable procedure, unlike microdermabrasion, which can be more abrasive. Our hydrating treatment is relaxing and feels like a facial massage.


Our medispa facial clinics in Montreal and Laval place a high priority on customer experience and comfort. Upon arrival for your appointment, you will be greeted by our friendly and professional staff in a disinfected and sterilized premises. Hydra dermabrasion treatments include a complete skin analysis and consultation before beginning the multi-step hydra dermabrasion facial skin treatment.

How does Hydradermabrasion work?

At our medispa locations in Montreal and Laval, we use a Hydra Dermabrasion device to spray the skin with a supersonic jet of water and serum deep into the skin’s surface. The device uses advanced suction to remove dead skin cells and unclog pores.

Is Hydra dermabrasion safe for sensitive skin?

Hydra dermabrasion treatments are suitable for clients with sensitive skin and melasma conditions. Treatments are also proven effective on darker skin tones thanks to the gentler device technology minimizing the risk of side effects such as inflammation or scarring.

Are there any side effects associated with hydra dermabrasion?

Hydra dermabrasion treatments are a safe and effective option for anyone interested in a refreshing, deep-cleansing facial with long-lasting results. Hydra dermabrasion treatments may leave skin slightly red directly after treatment, with any noticeable redness diminishing within a few hours. After your treatment, you’ll be left with glowing, radiant, hydrated skin that looks and feels great.

How long do the results of hydra dermabrasion last?

If you maintain your recommended skincare routine, the results of hydra dermabrasion exfoliation, hydration, and serum application can last up to a month.

Is It Good For Sensitive Skin?

This treatment is also good for clients with melasma and sensitive skin. In fact, clients with sensitive skin and darker skin tones may actually be better suited to hydradermabrasion than microdermabrasion since this one is a more gentle experience without potential side effects of inflammation, scratching, or scarring.

Preparing For Dermabrasion

To improve the outcome of your dermabrasion results, you should come with freshly cleaned hair. You should also prep your home environment by changing your pillowcases, bedsheets and face towels. If you are taking Retin-A products, be sure to stop using them at least five days before your session and tell your esthetician about any other prescription drugs you might be taking. You should also not tan before a hydradermabrasion session.

Hydradermabrasion Contraindications

This treatment is useful and accessible to nearly everyone; all ages, genders, skin types, and complexions. It is especially recommended for people who have sensitive skin or darker skin tones who have been considering getting microdermabrasion or other more intensive exfoliation treatments. If you have an active rash or a sunburn, you should wait for them to heal before booking your session. People who are pregnant should ask their estheticians for the ingredients of the serum they will be using since some cosmetic ingredients (like salicylic acid, for example) are not safe or have not yet been tested for safety on pregnant people.

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