Skincare training

$ 2600 – Module 1

Become a skincare therapist with online and in-class facial courses.

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Become a skin therapist

Skincare therapists will offer facials, consultations, and skin analyses to clients, but they will not offer advanced facials, epilation services, or medical esthetics procedures. If you would like to learn more about advanced treatments and epilation or laser along with other advanced esthetics treatments, you may choose the Esthetician or Medical Esthetician program, respectively.

Find out how to become a skincare specialist here.

Skincare Program features

This program is the first module of our other programs: Esthetician and Medical Esthetician. That means that once you have completed this Skincare Therapist program, you may decide to add another New Age Spa program or certificate to build up your arsenal, gaining new skills and new opportunities to grow your career within the beauty industry. You have 1 month to 12 months to complete the online program at your own pace. It consists of one module. In addition, (4) models are included in this course for practice.

What will you learn?

In our skincare course, you will learn how to perform consultations, facials, use skincare equipment and professionally sell skincare products. If you are wondering what our online program will teach you, please review the online skincare course outline below.

Skincare course experience

  1. Select payment option
  2. Receive online access to Module 1
  3. Read the theoretical content
  4. Complete online quizzes
  5. Watch demonstration videos
  6. Complete the online exam
  7. Come into class for practice
  8. Complete the in-person evaluation
  9. Graduate your program
  10. Receive continuous support from us

how do I become a Skincare specialist?

To become a skincare therapist or specialist, you must first register for an accredited course program. Once you have completed All theoretical and practical learning, you may be issued a skincare (facials) technician certificate document. The skincare certificate credential allows you to acquire liability insurance for your skincare business and services.

What are the payment options?

For the Skincare program Module 1, the only financing option available is Paybright. You can add the course to your cart, then check out using the Paybright option. You will be redirected to complete an online credit application, and approval is based on your credit score.

What will I learn in the skincare course?

Skincare students will learn how to perform facial and skin treatments. They will also learn how to evaluate skin conditions and recommend procedures and products to enhance skin hydration, reduce blemishes and heal skin conditions. As an entry-level certificate, skincare graduates are limited in the services they can offer. For example, they will not be able to register for a laser course or photo-rejuvenation training.

Can I do Peels and Laser with this course?

Entry-level skin specialists also can’t perform abrasive skin treatments or deep chemical peels. These courses require additional training, and you can find out more about it in our how to become a medical esthetician post here. However, the upside is that Skincare certification costs are low, and it is faster for students to complete the program. In contrast, fully licenced esthetician diplomas are more expensive and include many topics that may not be of interest to everyone.

How many students will be in my class?

Since global health restrictions have been implemented by the government, our training programs have adapted. Our online and in-class method of teaching allows us to help protect everyone against the spread of covid-19. Your class groups are limited to 4 students per teacher and social distancing is a practice where possible. Not only is our system safer for teachers and students alike, but you receive greater attention towards your learning experience since groups are smaller.

Is your school accredited and By who?

Our esthetics school is among the best private learning establishments in Quebec. We offer highly rated esthetician courses that elevate standards of hygiene and quality. Your certification is primarily accredited in Quebec. However, they are recognized and accepted in Canada, the U.S, Europe, and worldwide. In addition, beauty suppliers and insurance companies will recognize your certification.

Online esthetician courses

Leaders in the Aesthetics industry in Canada, we have developed these online esthetician courses to provide a better learning experience for students.  Online learning has proven to help people understand lessons at their own pace and also encourages social distancing in an effort to respect the new world-wide public health measures. The course content is adapted to beginners in the field of Aesthetics and advanced beauty professionals alike. 

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