Microneedling course

Our micro-needling program is intended to train licenced estheticians or skin therapists to perform non-medical mesotherapy.  You will learn advanced micro-needling techniques, trade secrets and high-level safety protocols. 

Esthetician courses online

Our online esthetician courses are unique and challenging. Experience the perfect work-life balance with flexible online learning and pre-programmed lessons. You can access our esthetics school online platform day and night and from the comfort of your home. Become a medical esthetician or skincare specialist in no time with our accredited accelerated medical esthetician programs.

Program features

Micro-needling is a highly requested skin treatment.  In this course, you will learn how to treat difficult skin conditions on deep dermal layers. You will be able to target acne scars, pigmentation, skin texture, stretch marks, wrinkles,  dilated pores and more.

Micro-needling tuition cost

1500 $

Course outline

  1. Infection Control
  2. Safety and Guidelines
  3. Skin anatomy
  4. Skin Conditions
  5. Precautions & legal
  6. Wound Healing
  7. Business strategy
  8. Workstation setup
  9. Client consultation
  10. Products & equipment
  11. Numbing agents
  12. Skin preparation
  13. Facial treatment (model)
  14. Body Treatment (model)
  15. Aftercare products 
  16. Cosmetic sales
  17. Client follow up

Completing this course

Micro-needling certified estheticians are needed in all beauty salons, medical spas, skincare clinics and medical aesthetics clinics. Estheticians with micro-needling training will easily find work in any of these industries and start their own micro-needling business. Our accredited microneedling course gives you the experience you need to grow your career.

Insurance liability and accreditations

Graduating your course with an accredited diploma is essential to practice aesthetic treatments on customers. You must be able to display your certification papers as a sign of credibility, trust and confidence for your business or employment. Our accredited aesthetics and cosmetology courses provide students with Certification that is recognized in Canada and across the world. Although insurance coverage and work permits are issued on an individual and case approved basis, our Certificates ensure you the best post-graduation outcome for applying for liability insurance for your business, work permits and employment applications.

Online esthetician courses

Leaders in the Aesthetics industry in Canada, we have developed these online esthetician courses to provide a better learning experience for students.  Online learning has proven to help people understand lessons at their own pace and also encourages social distancing in an effort to respect the new world-wide public health measures. The course content is adapted to beginners in the field of Aesthetics and advanced beauty professionals alike. 

Program length

The micro-needling program is developed in two  2 parts, you will receive an online learning environment first, then practice in-class in real esthetician-to-client situations. 

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