Microneedling course

Become a non-medical microneedling specialist with our exclusive online and in-class training program.

$ 1500

Prerequisites: Esthetics Diploma or Skincare certificate

What do microneedling specialists do?

Microneedling specialists will offer facials, body treatments, consultations, and skin analyses to clients. They will also offer collagen induction therapy using micro-needling devices to treat deeper skin concerns such as acne scars, hyperpigmentation, dilated pores and skin texture issues.

Program features

If you have completed a skin Therapist program or received the esthetics diploma, you may decide to add micro needling to build up your arsenal, gaining new skills and new opportunities to grow your career. You may complete the online theory program at your own pace (3-7 days). It consists of one module. In addition, (2) models are included in this course for practice.

Skincare course experience

  1. The benefits of treatment
  2. Who can benefit from the treatment
  3. The stages of healing
  4. Long and short term results
  5. The risks and side-effects
  6. Treatment process
  7. Comparison with the micro-roller
  8. Types of scars
  9. Consultation and medical card
  10. Pretreatment precaution
  11. Contraindications and warnings
  12. Adjustment of the device
  13. Preparation and hygiene
  14. Products to use and avoid
  15. Client recommendation and Advice

What will I learn in the microneedling course?

Micro-needling is a highly requested skin treatment.  In this course, you will learn how to treat difficult skin conditions on deep dermal layers. You will be able to target acne scars, pigmentation, skin texture, stretch marks, wrinkles,  dilated pores and more.

What are the payment plans?

The only financing option available for the micro-needling course is Paybright. You can add the course to your cart, then check out using the Paybright option. You will be redirected to complete an online credit application, and approval is based on your credit score. If approved, you can make monthly payments but start your course right away.

What will I learn in the skincare course?

Skincare students will learn how to perform facial and skin treatments. They will also learn how to evaluate skin conditions and recommend procedures and products to enhance skin hydration, reduce blemishes and heal skin conditions. As an entry-level certificate, skincare graduates are limited in the services they can offer. For example, they will not be able to register for a laser course or photo-rejuvenation training.

Why should I take the microneedling course?

Micro-needling certified estheticians are needed in all beauty salons, medical spas, skincare clinics and medical aesthetics clinics. Estheticians with micro-needling training will easily find work in any of these industries and start their own micro-needling business. Our accredited microneedling course gives you the experience you need to grow your career.

How many students will be in my class?

Since global health restrictions have been implemented by the government, our training programs have adapted. Our online and in-class method of teaching allows us to help protect everyone against the spread of covid-19. Your class groups are limited to 4 students per teacher and social distancing is a practice where possible. Not only is our system safer for teachers and students alike, but you receive greater attention towards your learning experience since groups are smaller.

Is your school accredited?

Our esthetics school is among the best private learning establishments in Quebec. We offer highly rated esthetician courses that elevate standards of hygiene and quality. Your certification is primarily accredited in Quebec. However, they are recognized and accepted in Canada, the U.S, Europe, and worldwide. In addition, beauty suppliers and insurance companies will recognize your certification.

Online esthetician courses

Leaders in the Aesthetics industry in Canada, we have developed these online esthetician courses to provide a better learning experience for students.  Online learning has proven to help people understand lessons at their own pace and also encourages social distancing in an effort to respect the new world-wide public health measures. The course content is adapted to beginners in the field of Aesthetics and advanced beauty professionals alike. 

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