Safety measures to proctect clients and staff from the spread of covid-19.

Extra sanitization

Sanitization and Disinfection have always been a top priority at our beauty spa clinics. Due to the actual situation, we have implemented extra measures to maintain our customers’ high care standards. We have hired new staff dedicated to rigorous sanitization protocols. Their purpose is to assist the team in continuous Disinfection of all surfaces, knobs, debit machines, washrooms, and cleaning each room thoroughly before client appointments.

Client screening

We have also added extra time between each booking to help accommodate the extended sanitization and screening process. As a result, there may be fewer available spots for booking your appointment. All new and returning clients will be asked to complete a Covid-19 form upon arrival. Temperature checks and verbal evaluations are done before being seated in our waiting areas.

Staff commitment

All Staff members will be completing a COVID-19 Questionnaire before every scheduled workday. All Service Providers will be wearing a mask and face shield. Should Quebec Public Health recommend other PPE protocols, we will update our policy as necessary. Our clean touch certified personnel will disinfect the treatment rooms and common areas to be ready for your appointment during the extra time between each booking. 

Mandatory form

The form below is required upon arrival for every client and appointment. 

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