Dermal Fillers

Dermal filler injections are non-surgical treatments that allow you to enhance facial volume without downtime. Get dermal fillers and botox in Montreal or Laval.

Dermal fillers for younger patients

Fillers can enhance one’s facial appearance at any age. Younger patients typically get dermal fillers in our Montreal clinics to increase the volume of the lips, the cheeks and under the eyes (dark circles). At New age spa, Doctors are also the best at treating early wrinkles that may appear in the nasolabial fold (smile lines) or eyebrows area prematurely.

Dermal fillers for older patients

In older patients, dermal fillers are advanced anti-ageing solutions. Doctors can provide a youthful appearance to facial aging or loss of volume in the cheeks, the neck and the eye. In our Montreal Medical spas, doctors are pros at correcting wrinkles and creases that contribute to facial ageing using Juvederm, Restylane and Botox. Problem areas commonly treated in mature skin include nasolabial folds (wrinkle from the nose to the sides of the mouth), marionette lines (between the corners of the mouth and the chin), hollow under eyes and hollowed temples.

Enhance facial volume

Dermal fillers are meant to give volume and fullness to a person’s skin. Filler injections diminish the most common signs of ageing, such as facial wrinkles and skin folds. Most men and women use get Dermal filler treatments in Montreal to enhance their facial features without surgery, pain, or downtime.

  • Lip augmentation
  • Hide wrinkles
  • Facial volume
  • Cheek enhancement
  • Look younger
  • Doctor consultation
  • No surgery
  • Little downtime
  • Promotional deals
  • easy experience

Dermal filler injections near you

Lip fillers

The shape, curve and volume are what define attractive lips. Everyone’s facial structure is different and requires a personalized approach. When discussing your results and preparing for dermal filler injections, we aim for a natural shape and the right amount of volume. Fillers in the lips require a good balance between the shape of the lips and the size of the lips to avoid oversized lips or unnatural results.

Cheek fillers

Dermal fillers in the cheeks are also very beneficial for facial enhancements. For the best results, we create a subtle highlight from the cheekbones towards the temple. This minimal approach makes a natural facelift and improves facial features.

Undereyes fillers

The hollow under the eyes is called tear troughs or dark circles. Treating under eyes with dermal fillers creates a dramatic positive effect and is one of our most rewarding filler injections. Dark circles may appear with the patient is sleep-deprived. However, it can also result from genetics. Hollow under-eyes can occur at any age, and our happy clients range from young adults to mature men and women. Typically, half a syringe under each eye is used to treat this condition.

Nasolabial fold fillers

The nasolabial folds are wrinkles that appear along the sides of the nose and the corners of the mouth. Dermal fillers to treat nasolabial folds are very common for patients of any age. The filling and concealing of those folds softens the look of the face and enhances beauty and youthfulness. Doctors use one syringe of skin filler on each side for optimal results.

Marionette lines Filler

The marionette lines are most common in older patients. They are wrinkles that form between the chin and the corner of the mouth. When removing marionette lines with dermal fillers, our goal is to slightly lift the corners of the mouth, eliminating the visible creases.

Nonsurgical rhynoplasty

Nonsurgical rhinoplasty is very in demand. Our Montreal and Laval clinics have shown effective results in enhancing the nose structure without surgery. This procedure required extensive knowledge in anatomy and hand movement skills. A small dose of filler is injected in specific areas of the nose to form the desired shape. Exceptional attention to detail is mandatory to complement your overall facial features.

Fillers for the hands

Signs of aging skin can appear in many places on the body, notably on the face and hands. Our goal is to help patients feel young and beautiful in all regions of their bodies. With age, hands lose volume and accumulate sun spots and wrinkles. While laser treatments and skincare products can treat the tone and texture of the skin, dermal fillers are used to restore fullness in between the bones and tissue, giving the hands a younger look and feel. Hand restoration using fillers requires 1 or 2 syringes for best results.

Dermal filler experience

  1. Meet with a Doctor
  2. Health consultation
  3. Discuss results
  4. Skin prepping
  5. Filler Injections
  6. Facial Contouring
  7. Doctor recommendations
  8. Aftercare instructions

What does it feel like?

Although Dermal fillers are not painful, you may feel slight discomfort from the injection. Your doctor will administer a few shots during your filler session. The treatment can be completed in one appointment or repeated every four weeks until you have achieved the desired effect. The larger the area to treat, the more treatments may be necessary.

preparing for Dermal fillers

To improve the outcome of your filler results, you should come with freshly cleaned hair and skin. It would help if you also prepped your home environment by changing your pillowcases, bedsheets and face towels. Also, avoid drinking too much alcohol or taking blood-thinning medication the night before your treatment.


What to expect

You want to get Dermal fillers in Montreal or Laval? First, you will receive a detailed consultation with a trained and qualified physician. Your doctor will then identify the injection sites for optimal results and discuss your desired outcome. The Injection amount varies depending on your facial morphology and expected results.

Your treatment

Our medispa facial clinics in Montreal and Laval place a high priority on customer experience. You will be greeted by a professional staff that have disinfected and sterilized all premises before your appointment. The treatment involves a full skin analysis before beginning the double chin and neck contouring treatment.

Dermal filler contraindications

You must not be taking prescription drugs or antibiotics. You must not have the following or be prone to Keloid scars or other chronic conditions. Presence of raised moles in the area to be treated. Scleroderma, collagen or vascular diseases and cardiac abnormalities. Blood clotting conditions. Active bacterial or fungal infections. Immunosuppression.

We do not perform filler injections on women who are pregnant or nursing. Prep your home environment by changing your pillowcases, bedsheets and face towels. Also, avoid drinking too much alcohol or taking blood-thinning medication the night before your treatment.

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