Belkyra removes fat from under the chin and neck area permanently. Get Belkyra treatments in Montreal and Laval aesthetics Clinics.

Chin and neck Contour

Belkyra, Kybella or chin sculpting, assists in eliminating the fat cells located under the chin and neck. Belkyra is a cosmetic injectables procedure that uses deoxycholic acid. When injected below the chin, the compound breaks down the fat cells, which the body then consumes and discharges. Deoxycholic acid is naturally produced by the body, supporting digestion and the absorption of dietary fats.

Belkyra® Benefits

Belkyra and other injectables such as botox and dermal fillers are becoming more popular amongst men and women in Montreal. The minimally invasive nature of these medical esthetics treatments can significantly impact how one looks and feels about themselves without surgery or downtime.

  • Remove double chin
  • Improve Neck contour
  • Enhance facial features
  • Reduce neck fat
  • Doctor consultation
  • No surgery
  • Little downtime
  • Promotional deals
  • Best Kybella results

What is Belkyra ?

Belkyra is a brand name associated with the same company that produces Botox and Juvederm, Allergan. It’s an injectable substance that targets what doctors call the submental fat under the chin and around the neck that can develop with age or genetics. The Belkyra method involves multiple tiny injections of deoxycholic acid under the chin. The benefit of Belkyra is that it’s minimally invasive and painless compared to alternatives such as liposuction. New age spa doctors and our clients love this treatment because it’s highly effective and because it has almost zero downtime.

Belkyra injection near me

Belkyra treatment experience

  1. Meet with a Doctor
  2. Health consultation
  3. Discuss results
  4. Skin prepping
  5. Belkyra Injections
  6. Neck Contouring
  7. Doctor recommendations
  8. Aftercare instructions

What does it feel like?

Although Belkyra treatments are not painful, you may feel discomfort from the injections. Your doctor will administer multiple shots during your chin sculpting session. The treatment is repeated every four weeks until you have achieved the desired effect. The larger the area to treat, the more treatments may be necessary.


What to expect

You want to get Belkyra treatments in Montreal or Laval? First, you will receive a detailed consultation with a trained and qualified physician. Your doctor will then identify the injection sites for optimal results and explain your desired outcome. A numbing cream is applied to keep you as comfortable as possible. The Injection amount varies depending on your facial morphology and expected results.

Your treatment

Our medispa facial clinics in Montreal and Laval place a high priority on customer experience. You will be greeted by a professional staff that have disinfected and sterilized all premises before your appointment. The treatment involves a full skin analysis before beginning the double chin and neck contouring treatment.

Belkyra contraindications

You must not be taking prescription drugs or antibiotics. You must not have the following or be prone to Keloid scars or other chronic conditions. Presence of raised moles in the area to be treated. Scleroderma, collagen or vascular diseases and cardiac abnormalities. Blood clotting conditions. Active bacterial or fungal infections. Immunosuppression.

We do not perform Belkyra or kybella on women who are pregnant or nursing. Prep your home environment by changing your pillowcases, bedsheets and face towels. Also, avoid drinking too much alcohol or taking blood-thinning medication the night before your treatment.

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