Velashape 3 cellulite treatments

Our Velashape 3 cellulite treatments come with an esthetician consultation, ensuring you receive the best procedure for your unique skin needs.

Velashape 3 cellulite treatments in Montreal and laval reduce cellulite to create soft, smooth skin on your thighs and body.

Thanks to the newest VelaShape® technology, our medical estheticians in Montreal or Laval can help progressively reduce cellulite on the legs and other regions like the buttocks and thighs. In addition, this body contouring therapy restructures skin collagen for abundant radiance.

velashape treatment for cellulite in montreal

What is VelaShape® 3 cellulite reduction?

Treating cellulite might be tricky, but you can find great results at our medical esthetician spa. We use the VelaShape® III for non-invasive body shaping treatments and cellulite removal. This leading technology reduces the appearance of cellulite, minimizes fat cells, and shrinks thigh circumference. It also tones and tightens the skin.

How does it work?

VelaShape® treatments provide progressive results throughout six or more treatment sessions. The device uses heat, infrared light, radiofrequency energy and vacuum technology to shrink fat cells and connective tissues. As a result, new collagen and elastin form, leaving a tighter and firmer skin and contour in its place.

What causes cellulite?

One of the main reasons some people are more likely to develop cellulite is higher estrogen levels. Estrogen helps to create fat, while testosterone helps to break down fat. Estrogen levels also play a role in blood circulation and collagen production. As a result, it can help prompt fat cells to grow and stretch out, protruding through the collagen structures of the skin.

VelaShape® pricing & packages

Body contouring treatments at New Age Spa offer a safe alternative to surgical body sculpting and cellulite removal. Equipped with the Velshape 3, we can remodel or reduce stubborn fat around the face, waist, arms and legs, to achieve your desired body goals within 6-8 sessions. Prices are the same for cellulite treatments or body sculpting.


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Common questions

  • Excess body fat
  • Body shaping
  • Curve enhancing
  • Cellulite removal
  • Skin tightening
  • Skin smoothing
  • Collagen restoration

The cellulite treatment takes about 45 minutes. You may return to your normal activities right after the treatment since there is no downtime.

VelaShape® cellulite treatments start at 140$ + taxes per session. However, the price may change depending on which package you purchase.

We recommend getting a VelaShape® cellulite removal treatment once per week to target specific concerns like Cellulite and excess fat. Following up with a treatment once a few months helps ensure long lasting results and effective skin tightening and collagen production.