Lymphatic drainage massage

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What is a lymphatic draining?

Lymphatic drainage massage can reduce puffiness, improve the clarity of the skin tone, and lift tired features. The healing and rejuvenating benefits of this facial massage go even further to detoxify the skin and allowing for proper lymph fluid circulation. The latter process leads to detoxification and can reduce acne, swelling, puffy eyes and dark. In addition to this draining massage, we have added the classic benefits of a regular facial, including cleansing, skin analysis, professional exfoliation and extractions.

How does lymphatic drainage work?

The lymphatic system consists of a vast network of vessels and lymph nodes throughout the body. Directly related to your immune system, the lymphatic system helps remove toxic waste from the body and regulates hydration. The lymphatic system functions separately from the blood circulatory system and does not have a pump like the heart. Your body depends on exercise, movement, and physical massage to drain it.

Lymphatic Draining

Lymphatic drainage treatment is a relaxing and essential part of skincare. As a result, you can expect to reduce swelling, congestion, acne and toxic buildup in your skin.

Because the lymph system required physical movement or manipulation of the lymph nodes to drain appropriately, lymphatic drainage massage is essential for your overall health. In addition, as a beneficial side effect, your immune system is also boosted.

Why get it done?

Some people may experience slow lymph drainage, where, for example, if they have a sedentary lifestyle or work environment. When the flow is obstructed or too slow, lymphatic fluid builds up in the body, face, skin and lymph nodes causing swelling in the affected area. This can cause multiple issues such as inflammation, puffiness, dark circles and even acne due to congested pores.

Who can get this treatment?

The stimulation of lymph node drainage is highly recommended for acne, rosacea, melasma, eye bags and dark circle around the eyes. With regular treatment, you can detoxify your body and dramatically improve your appearance.

Lymph detox facial and body treatment:

Our trained professionals will begin with a background health check to ensure you do not have pre-existing health conditions. Please note that you are not a candidate for lymphatic draining if you have any heart condition or skin infections. Then you will undergo a deep skin cleansing treatment, extraction and steam.

Once your pores are opened up and clean, the actual lymphatic treatment can begin. First, we stimulate the flushing out of the lymphatic system using a soft gripping technique and applying pressure and strokes. At the same time, your skin is nourished using hyaluronic acid and vitamin actives that are chosen specifically for your skin.

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