HydroGel Facial


HydroGel facials in Montreal and Laval work wonders on sensitive skin, dry skin, irritated skin and relieve skin redness. Our hydrogel facials will hydrate, restore, nourish, and calm your skin full of nutritious and healthy ingredients. You can expect soft, bright, clean and plump skin immediately after your appointment. This facial is excellent for people with sensitive skin or people who simply want a quick treatment to cleanse their skin professionally.

Jelly mask BENEFITS

Reduce rashes, and irritations

Reduce redness, Rosacea, eczema and psoriasis.

 Protect from dehydration

Reduce dark circles and under eye bags.

Hydrate and plump your skin

HydroGel Facials reduce eye bags and dark circles.

Due to the natural ingredient in the hydrogel masks, they can be applied to the face, the eyes, the mouth. This benefits clients that suffer from undereye bags, puffiness and dark circles because we can use the restorative mask over these hard to reach parts. Hydrating and plump the skin on and around the eyes allows you to experience radiant and glowing skin with a refreshed and healthy look.

Hydro Jelly TM or Casmara TM facials in Montreal and Laval

HydroGel Peel off facials are unique purifying treatments and are formulated specifically for your skin type and conditions. Also, these purifying algae-based masks are compatible with skin types and conditions. Your aesthetician will choose from a selection of firming masks, anti-ageing masks, sensitive skin masks, brightening masks, hydrating masks, and more after your skin consultation and analysis. The results you can expect from our hydra jelly TM or Casmara TM facials are instant hydration, softness, spotless skin, clear skin and perfect ph balance giving you a lively and fresh appearance.

 How does it work?

In any of our beauty clinic spas in Montreal and Laval, you are greeted to a full consultation. Our esthetician will conduct a complete skincare analysis and determine your skin’s needs and requirements. Following the skin report, she will apply steam for a few minutes and then perform extractions by removing blackheads, pimples, dead cells and excess oil. Finally, you will be delighted by a rich HydroGel mask application where nourishing actives gently soak in your skin and improve its overall health, appearance, and texture. From start to finish, this treatment takes 60 minutes.

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