Skincare course

Are you looking to develop your career in the beauty industry or start your own aesthetics business? Do you need to be well versed in all aspects of skincare and receive an accredited Esthetics school certificate? If yes, then you are in the right place. This online and in-person certification course teaches you the fundamentals of esthetics and skin care treatments with a higher success rate.


The skincare course is developed to teach you a vast amount of knowledge in a short period of time. The online and in-class training program allows you to learn from home, and at your own time. Once the virtual training is complete, you will be required to complete intensif hands-on practice in real client-to-esthetician interaction.

Accredited certificate

Interactive experience

At your own pace

Online Learning

In-class Learning

Small private classes

Role-playing exercises

Learn business strategies

facials training

learning cost

Online and In-class Course

2500 $


Professional guidelines

Client communication

Skin Anatomy

Skin conditions

Cosmetic products

Cells and tissues

Infection control

Nervous system

Cardiovascular system

Lymphatic system



Skin conditions

Client Consultations

Skin nutrition

Acids and bases

Alpha hydroxy-acids

Skincare products

Business strategy


Workstation set up

Client consultation

skin analysis

Products and applications

Steam and extractions

Facial massage

deep cleansing and exfoliation

Up to date facial treatments

Chemical peels

Light peels

Client communication

Using equipment and different technologies

Aromatherapy training and Essential oils

Beauty supplies and equipment

Professional hygiene


COVID-19 protocols

Marketing strategy

Client Photography


The difference between successful beauty businesses is the training of the esthetician. Our course teaches you high-demand skills in client communication, skin analysis, product knowledge and updated beauty techniques during treatments. You will learn to build client relationships, provide stunning skincare results and confidently distribute cosmetic products.

The Skincare course program will give you a lifelong asset. An accredited certificate to start your beauty business, get insurance coverage (conditions) or more easily find work in any spa, medical spa, beauty salon and clinics. This course will also give you the ability to secure a position in retail sales, independent consultancy and cosmetic product distribution.

200 hours

1-4 months

Please note that the course curriculum may have changed due to COVID-19 adaptations. The esthetics course program is a 200 hours course. Developed in two  2 parts, you will receive and online learning environment and in-person training classes. Our beauty schools in Montreal and Laval provide you with the ability to learn at your own pace with pre-programmed online theory courses, quizzes and exams. Once theory is complete, you will have access to our in-class training program and practice on real models. At this stage, your trainer will guide you through hands-on training in the field as an aesthetician working with clients. You will experience interactive role-playing activities, problem solving scenarios and and a learning approach that allows you to learn quickly and efficiently.

Our student’s employment rate after taking this course is guaranteed. Once you complete the course, you will be certified as a professional skincare specialist. You will have advanced knowledge in the beauty industry and experience in treating client skin conditions. You will be able to practice treatments like dermabrasion, light peels (conditions may apply), classic facials and facial massages providing anti-acne and anti-aging treatments. You will also have the know-how to use high-technology equipment and expressively communicate products for specific skin conditions. Start your beauty business confidently, quickly and successfully.

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