Facial acne treatment


For mild to medium cases of Acne, we recommend a set of classic facials that include our signature cleansing procedures. Our aesthetician will proceed with steaming and exfoliating your skin with different scrubs after an in-depth skin analysis during your consultation.

Following a deep clean of your pores, she will then proceed to nourish your skin and treat the acne problem. This step will include the selection of peeling, a laser and LED light therapy. Our standard treatment consists of a nourishing Canadian clay mask that will absorb any remaining sebum and nourish your skin with multi-peptide actives. The focus of this facial acne treatment is to unblock your pores, clean out the surface and restore the appropriate balance of vitamins and hydration.



Acne is generally noticed on the face, however many of our clients complain about Acne on their back and other body parts. In general, the skin on the body is a lot thicker than the skin on the face. This means that our treatment may differ slightly for that area. The focus of this body acne reducing treatment is still to clean, unclog the pores and balance the ph levels, but with a mechanical extraction procedure. Your designated facial expert will proceed with a signature body facial plus incorporate manual pimple-popping techniques and extraction tools for the treatment. The focus is to remove any blackheads, whiteheads and hair follicles from a thicker skin area.

cystic acne treatments


The brightening treatments intended to treat cystic Acne of inflammatory acne effects. Acne symptoms and scar reduction consist of a combination of cleansing, extraction and alpha hydroxy acid peels. Depending on your level of Acne, our chemical peels expert will use either glycolic acid, azelaic acid, salicylic acid, or enzyme peels to treat your skin. The peeling procedure is then following by an antioxidant therapy with vitamin c and vitamin A retinoids.

The products used in this process are proven to reduce the appearance of leftover acne scars and dark spots or hyper-pigmentation caused by acne blemishes. Also, the vitamins will encourage skin recovery and protection again future breakouts.

What is acne ?

Acne breakouts occur when excessive oil and dead skin cells clog up the hair follicles or pores. In general, acne appears as inflammation, pimples, whiteheads, blackheads and bumps on the skin. Typically, flares show up on oily parts of the body, such as the face, back, shoulders, scalp and chest. This skin condition affects teenagers in most cases; however, people of all ages can experience acne blemishes.

Our acne reducing treatments

Acne and pimple treatments at our facial spa clinics in Montreal have proven to be the best in town. Our advanced technologies and a team of experts are on ahead when it comes to the best facials and recommendations to diminish and remove acne with proven best results. We offer free consultations that will allow us to determine the causes of your acne and adjust your skin regimen.
Our treatments involve multiple techniques determined by our skincare specialists. Our success rate is much higher than any beauty salon in Montreal, and client satisfaction is our priority. When it comes to best facials, client comfort and results are a must. To remove acne, our facial experts will use a procedure such as:





LED light therapy to treat acne symptoms

LED therapy is a clinically proven method to reduce Acne. Our LED facial and body treatment will be focused on acne removal and killing bacteria that cause acne symptoms. The famous red light therapy is included in this multi-light therapy process. Red light uses a wavelength that penetrates deep into the skin to restore collagen production and acne-fighting skin cells. Blue light therapy is also used, which is notorious for killing and reducing acne bacteria.

At-home remedies for acne

Acne can be hard to deal with due to its recurring and tenacious and recurring effect. There are some things you can adopt in your lifestyle to improve acne and reduce it by almost 70%. Use our following acne treatment recommendations in combination with our professional acne facials, and you can finally benefit from clear skin with no blemishes.

ALL products you use must be NON-COMEDOGENIC.


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