Chemical peel Aftercare

Rules and instructions after your chemical peel treatment for best experience and outcome.

Special instructions

  1. Change your bed sheets and sleep on a clean pillowcase
  2. Clean and change your face towels to dry your skin
  3. Do not wash your face for the next 4 hours after your treatment.
  4. Cleanse your skin 3 times per day
  5. Do not touch your face
  6. Do not wear makeup for the next 24 hours
  7. Avoid intense exercise and sweating for 48 hours.
  8. Avoid tanning and prolonged exposure to the sun for a minimum of 2 weeks
  9. Apply SPF 50 every 2 hours when exposed to Uv rays.
  10. Cleanse your face before bedtime
  11. Redness or sensitivity may be present for up to 72 hours. 
  12. Mild skin peeling may begin on day 3-5  
  13. Do not scratch the treated skin
  14. Stay well hydrated, drink a lot of water
  15. Do not use Retinol or exfoliating products for min. 10 days
  16. It is recommended to repeat the treatment every week or depending on the esthetician’s recommendation.
  17. For best results, you may need 3-8 treatments.
  18. Avoid waxing, laser or other treatments on the treated area for 2 weeks.

Routine day 1 to 10 We recommend doing the following twice per day

1. Cleanse your skin with a gentle cleanser and water and pat dry
2. Apply a hydrating serum and let your skin absorb it completely (2 or 3 minutes)

3. Apply a gentle moisturizer (LA FOLIE anti-redness daily cream recommended)

4. Apply SPF 30 minimum every 2 hours if in contact with UV rays.

Routine day 10 + we recommend doing the following twice per day

  1. Cleanse your skin with a cleanser and pat dry
  2. Apply hydrating serum and let dry 2-3 minutes
  3. Apply recommended moisturizer
  4. Apply sunscreen (SPF 30 or more) every 2 hours if you are in contact with UV rays.
  5. After 10 days* you can start exfoliating 3 times per week
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